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6 amazing Places to Go Sightseeing in Dubai

So, in his book “My Vision: Challenges in the Race for Excellence,” Ruler of Dubai – HH Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid al Maktoum stated, “Dubai will not ever relax for anything less than the first spot.” It looks like it’s now a reality, though. Dubai offers every assortment of tourism. People around the world rush towards Dubai to spend luxury time with their loved ones and buddies.Six places where you can go Sightseeing in Dubai when you visit this beautiful place.Learn all about the top places Asia travel.

Dubai is known for its innovative and technological development. Back then, 40 – 50 years, Dubai was just a “lot” of sandy barren land. Now it is offering technological, natural, and architectural sightseeing on its soil.

Today Dubai is the name of a great historical civilization and ambitious vision of glory, which is open for all and says welcome to those who opt Dubai for a premium tourist destination.

As Dubai has become so vast in its tourism slant, we are picking some best places for the purpose of sightseeing.

Sightseeing in Dubai

Top Places for Sightseeing in Dubai

Dubai Deserts

You love nature or want to explore its beauty? Dubai desserts offer you some excellent natural sightseeing views. When it comes to desserts, it may sound a miracle for such kind of activities. That’s the main achievement of Dubai; it has now transformed into a real center of attraction through its innovation.

Dubai Desert Safari is an activity that you’ll find “recommended” in most of the tourism packages. This deal has been split into a day, evening, and night timing. Evening timings will have the breathtaking views of the sunset, while the night will allow you to relax with BBQ, Tanura, and Belly dances in the most attractive starry nights. If you want to know more about desert safari you should visit this link Adventure planet you will find complete guide and information.

Burj AL Khalifa:

4 January 2010; the historical day that spotted Dubai on the global map with the pride. Burj Al Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is a habitat of hotels, shopping brands, glass, ceramics, and steel architecture. This building is the most favorite outdoor dining spot. Burj Khalifa’s heights offer you to enjoy the views of the entire Dubai city while sitting on the 122nd floor for a luxurious dinner.

The Palms:

On the side of Burj Al Arab, The Palms reflected as one of its Man-made islands. This wonder takes you to the thoughts of how the real-world is just residing on the ocean. Skydiving and helicopter ride above the palms provide you a pinch of attraction.

Dhow Cruises:

Indeed, tiredness captures you, but spots for sightseeing won’t come to an end during your vacation. So, if you are tired enough, and quite feeling bored while staying in the hotel, a seaside dhow cruise creek ride is just behind you. Enjoy the pleasant weather and relaxing sound of water in the middle of the ocean. Dhow cruise Dubai is also the most elegant option to enjoy a sunset or have a private dinner with your partner and family.

Rather than Creeks, Marina cruises also service you to enjoy the city life and gadgetry of Dubai city.

Dubai Frame:

This world’s most significant frame put Dubai again on the map of the world for all good causes. This thing has been crafted and built in a way that frames the charismatic scenery of Dubai from different views. People gather under this frame to mount the whole of Dubai in their eyes. This frame is indeed a sign of human ingenuity.

Dubai Aquarium:

Are you traveling with family? Do spare some activities for your kids. Aquarium is a perfect amusement spot for kids and a “must-have” reason for kids to love Dubai. This massive aquarium is the house of some “never seen before” sea creatures. Typically, this aquarium gives you a feel of the underwater fish house.

The Bottom Line:

Dubai is mainly known for sky scrapper buildings, huge shopping malls, cars, and more than all of this a luxury lifestyle. These are some places that definitely deserve a visit and can be experienced without a heck. Some of the above-mentioned places have also attracted world-class photographers, renowned film directors and actors, and world-famous celebrities. If these remarkable places are catching them, you should also pin these places on your holiday trip.

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