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New England Vacations – Short Guide to Hampshire

Hampshire is a county in the south of the UK and where the capital city used to be located. The place, just as the rest of the country, is filled with historic places and interesting stuff to be learned and experienced.This historic place is just perfect for families looking to go on a fun New England vacations, plus it is located only one hour away from London. Keep reading to find:

New England Vacations – A short guide to Hampshire

New England Vacations
Photo by: Herry Lawford

Where to Stay

Hampshire boasts a number of beautiful hotels for all different kinds of budgets. There are large resorts, gorgeous hotels with the most elegant decorations as well as small inns. But the best (at least for me) have to be the luxury holiday cottages in Hampshire. I love the privacy of having a home, especially when it comes to traveling as a family.

What to Do

There are endless attractions and tours to be experienced in this region of the UK. The variety is amazing. So I narrowed it down to a few of the ones I think should not be missed.

  • Motor Museum
  • National parks
  • Beach bumming
  • Visit Jane Austen’s home/museum
  • Check out historic places related to Charles Dickens
  • Church tours
  • Vineyard tour

Getting There

You can get there directly through one of its 5 airports. However I recommend taking a road trip. It is a great way to learn more about the country. Another fun away to get there is by train and you don’t get tired from driving.

These are just a few of the generals of Hampshire. I hope this was enough to inspire you to visit this corner of the world.

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