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Shopping is an integral part of any travel to a foreign country. In the last days of tour tourists always run from one boutique to another trying to find some unique national souvenirs or interesting gifts for relatives and friends. Armenia and Georgia, two hospitable countries of the South Caucasus, are destinations where travel shopping will be especially interesting. These countries have rich customs and traditions, ancient national symbols and extremely delicious cuisine. That’s why visiting local fares, bazaars and shops you will plunge into the colorful atmosphere, learn unique facts and find many interesting things. And we hope that our article will help you to plan your shopping days and create a list of “must have” souvenirs to buy.Information about where to go shopping and the best things to buy in Armenia and Georgia.Look at this article shopping in Armenia and Georgia.

Shopping in Armenia and Georgia

Shopping in Armenia

Armenia is a small country with ancient Christian traditions, kind and open-hearted people and beautiful mountains. We are sure that you won’t regret if you choose this country as your next travel destination.

Souvenirs from Armenia

The largest choice of Armenian national souvenirs can be found in Vernissage which is a large open air fare located close to the Republic Square, Yerevan. Tourists come here to find the unique handmade things with national motifs. So, what can be found in Vernissage? On the shelves, there are souvenirs made of wood, ceramics, obsidian stone, national musical instruments, national clothes, paintings, national silver jewelry, carpets, board games, flags and much more.

Shopping in Armenia and Georgia

The other smaller souvenir boutiques are located mainly on Abovyan Street which is one of the central streets of the capital, known for its cozy retro cafes, luxury boutiques and souvenir shops.

Colorful national souvenirs can also be bought in regions on the territories of popular historical monuments (e.g. near Khor Virap Monastery, Garni Temple, Lake Sevan etc.). Souvenirs with images of these attractions will be a great reminder of the time spent in Armenia.

Shopping in Armenia and Georgia

Sweets from Armenia

In Armenia, there are so many sweet and tasty things that you will hardly resist the temptation. The central “Pak Shuka” bazaar is the largest market in the capital, which is a part of the history. Here you can find a huge selection of all kinds of dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables and spices. Golden apricots, vinous garnets, bright spices, white cheese – everything is so tempting and mouthwatering!

Among Armenian sweets try sweet sujukh and sweet-sour lavash from plums. Do not forget to try the traditional gata and pakhlava.

Shopping centers in Yerevan

After a walk through the souvenir shops, it’s time to go to the mall. Large shopping centers are located in the capital of Armenia, in different parts of the city and offer greater comfort. The most popular are Yerevan Mall, Dalma Garden Mall, RIO Mall and Russia Mall. They all have a large selection of international brands, the prices are quite acceptable and there is a tax-free opportunity. In all shopping centers, there are cinemas, the arcade, children’s playgrounds and cafes.

For more detailed information about Armenia, you can contact any travel agency in Armenia.

Shopping in Georgia

Georgia is such a beautiful country. It is all about rich nature, ancient historical monuments, beautiful mountain peaks and clean shores of the Black Sea.

Souvenirs from Georgia

What tourists usually take from Georgia? The most popular souvenir is the horn for wine and here you will have a huge selection of all kinds of big and small horns. For an exclusive gift you can choose a natural horn with silver and gold details decorated with semiprecious stones. As a wine accessory, you can also choose a traditional clay jug.

Shopping in Armenia and Georgia

The other great souvenir is an original Georgian dagger with a beautiful engraving and a leather holster. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the dagger is a souvenir to be declared at departure.

For ladies can advise delicate jewelry – minankari. Minankari is an art in which masters use a special national technique of cloisonne enamel. The result is a fine handmade fashionable jewelry. Besides of jewelry you can also find silver dishes with minakari.

Tasty shopping list from Georgia

Georgia can be called one of the most “delicious” countries on earth. The list of must try products is very long long. First, you should buy Georgian cheese suluguni, ajaruli, imeruli, cheeses with nuts and greens. Make sure to try all the varieties and choose the best to take with you. Suluguni is the most suitable one for long distances.

Georgians use a lot of spices and sauces to make dishes tasty. In the bazaars you can find a large selection of spices. Just for the interest you can buy several types to try.

Shopping in Armenia and Georgia

From traditional sweets try sweet churchkhela. Georgian churchkhela looks like Armenian sujukh. The only thing is that the Georgian churchkhela is made not only from walnuts but also from hazelnuts. The Georgian churchkhela is colorful and looks very appetizing.

And finally, the best Georgian “souvenir” is of course local wine. The wine of popular Georgian brands and homemade wine can be found practically at every step. You can also take part in wine tours around famous factories, taste the best varieties and buy wine at the spot. Before you take out wine from Georgia, be sure to learn the rules of declaring.

Shopping Centers in Tbilisi

In Tbilisi there are several large shopping centers located in different parts of the city. On the territory of shopping centers there are all the amenities for a comfortable shopping like cafes, entertainment centers and cinemas. There are also boutiques of well-known brands and a large outlet with a constant 30% discount and seasonal discounts of up to 70% in the city center.

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  1. I bought a great horn for wine in Armenia, I use it constantly at parties. My daughter bought a doll of manual work, it was expensive, but it was worth it. In Georgia, I tried the most delicious wine in my life. Wine extract was 15 years, I remember its taste for a long time.

  2. By the way, I heard about Pak Shuk, that there is not only sweets and tasty things but everything that the soul wants! I am a traveler with little experience, but I know that souvenirs should be authentic. Thanks for the informative and concise article, now it will be easier to orient in this countries and buy the necessary souvenirs.

  3. I really liked the article, I immediately wanted to go on a tour-trip for these countries. I was glad to know about the opportunity to have an interesting shopping event. I like buying souvenirs.

  4. Wow. Armenia is an interesting country to visit. They have unique culture and food, and beautiful attractions.

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