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Share Yoga With Your Pet By Taking Your Yoga Class Online With Glo

What is one thing your pet and yoga have in common? Pets and yoga both have the ability to reduce your stress and lower your anxiety. Your pet offers loyalty, companionship and plenty of cuddles, and yoga involves stretches and postures that help clear your mind.How a Yoga Class Online can help you have a lot of time at doing yoga with your beloved pet.Learn all about wellness and health.

Yoga Class Online

It is not always easy to leave your pet behind when heading to your yoga class. If you work outside the home, you may feel you already leave them enough during the day. How can you focus on your class when you are missing your four-legged friend?

The good news is you do not have to leave your pet after a long day. You can easily take your yoga class online by signing up with Glo.

Enjoy Yoga With Your Pet Though a Yoga Class Online

Take Yoga At Home

Once you sign up for a membership with Glo, you can download your classes to any compatible device. Place your laptop on a nearby table to take your classes in your living room or bedroom. If you want to spend time with your pet, place their bed just several feet away from your yoga mat.

You can also use your mobile device to take your classes outside the home. If you have a dog or outside cat, you can take a yoga class online in your backyard as they play.

Imagine cuddling with your pet on your couch as you take a short meditation class, which is just as important as your yoga class. You are getting the best of both worlds because you have your companion by your side as you improve your mindfulness.

Take Your Classes Elsewhere

The ability to download your classes to a mobile device makes it easy to practice yoga at another location. Are you planning to take a short yoga class when you get home from work? Why not take your yoga class online during your lunch break? This way, you have more time to spend with your pet after you get home.

If you and a friend are taking your dogs to the dog park, you can always ask your friend to keep an eye on your dog while you take a five-minute meditation class. You are getting in your daily meditation without missing a lot of time with your dog.

Glo also makes it easy to take a short meditation class as you wait for your pet to be seen by the veterinarian or groomer. A short class helps you to feel at peace while comforting your beloved pet.

Try The Classes Before Signing Up

If you are thinking of signing up for a membership with Glo, start by signing up for their free trial. This way, you can take a yoga class online to get a feel for the platform. The trial lasts for 15 days, so you have enough time to decide if this platform is right for you. Once your trial ends, you are welcome to sign up for a monthly membership at an affordable price.

Information About Glo

Glo was established in 2007 by Ryan and Derik Mills, and their goal is to make it easy for everyone to access yoga and meditation classes. They believe adding yoga and meditation to your routine can help you become the best version of yourself.

The platform features a wide range of yoga, meditation and lecture classes at different lengths and levels. You have the opportunity to choose a class and instructor that works for you. Glo can be accessed through the website or application.

When you take your classes through Glo, you can spend time with your pet as you take your yoga class online.

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