SH Barcelona, Spain: Finding the Best Vacation Rental

Plaza Espana, Barcelona, Spain

What is the cure for peaceful, relaxed travel? Short-term vacation rental. Those four words can literally save your trip.

Barcelona, Spain is a city that needs to be explored for more than four days. If possible a week.

Did you know that Barcelona is absolutely humongous? There are at least six different neighborhoods that are central. Probably more. Each looks better than the other, and all are scattered all over the place. That’s how I felt when I started my search on where to stay in Barcelona:

Scattered, confused, in complete disarray.

I contacted several different vacation rental places that specialize in Barcelona, but at the end SH Barcelona turned out to be the best choice.

Why SH Barcelona Was My Top Choice for Where to Stay in Barcelona


That really separated Sh Barcelona from the other places. I sent emails to the larger vacation rental databases but the only people that give you personal responses were the owners of the apartments.

And, of course, they will rave about their spot and the location.

I wanted someone to help me with the overall best location, without having a biased intention.

Delphine, from SH Barcelona, was amazing. She fully understood what I was searching for. She answered hundreds of my questions, sent me links with fun things to do with kids in Barcelona. And in the end helped me find the perfect apartment for us.

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Our Two Bedroom Apartment in Barcelona

Plaza Espana, after touring the whole city, was my absolute favorite place to visit over and over again. With the magic fountain show, the majestic statue and surrounding area of stores and restaurants.

It was a good thing, because our apartment in Sants Montjuïc, was literally five minute walk from it all. But in the residential area with tons of supermarkets and fruit stands. One block from the metro station. And in the quiet Plaza Madrona where my kids played safely.

Plaza Madrona - Vacation Rental with SH Barcelona, Spain

Sh Barcelona works with a check in company that sends over a representative to help you with the full check in. The woman that we worked with spoke perfect English and was super helpful in showing us everything. Setting up the TV and internet.

Virtual Tour of the Apartment

Our new home for the week had a large, newly remodeled, kitchen. It was open to the living room area and also the dining room area. This way I could do some cooking while hanging out with my family.

living room - Vacation Rental with SH Barcelona, Spain

It was two bedrooms and the couch in the living room pulls out to become a really comfortable bed.

bedroom - Vacation Rental with SH Barcelona, Spain

The washer area was separate with all that you needed for washing your clothes.

washer - Vacation Rental with SH Barcelona, Spain

The same area had all the cleaning supplies, including a vacuum cleaner (I was laughing when I was shown this, because I never touch vacuums at home – yet there were several times that we needed it – my husband and youngest son did the work, though). I would like to have a vacuum for pet hair at home though.

vacuuming - Vacation Rental with SH Barcelona, Spain

And we had a small balcony that we can get some fresh air as well.

balcony - Vacation Rental with SH Barcelona, Spain

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Last Updated on July 25, 2023

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