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Baby Essentials – 7 Things Moms Should Buy Before The Baby Arrives

Are you a mum-to-be waiting for a precious moment of taking the baby in your arms? Wait for a second! Did you prepare anything for your newborn? It is the best time to buy the baby essentials before your newborn comes home.Are you a new mom waiting for your baby’s delivery? Or a gift to your mom friend. Here are absolute baby essentials before newborn comes.

baby essentials

f you are a new mummy, you might have heard about a lot of baby stuff. Buying all of them at this time will probably be the wrong decision. Some things are used just once, try to shortlist them to those that are most important such as a durable infant swing.

Baby Essentials – 7 Things Moms Should Buy Before The Baby Arrives

Here is a newborn baby shopping list that every new mom must have for her coming child:

1. Baby Clothes

The first and foremost thing to buy for your newborn is its clothes. Kids require a huge collection of clothes whether it is a newborn or an infant. When coming towards newborn, you will need to buy every type of clothes before it arrives. The collection should include bodysuits, sleep sacks, sleepers, different socks, caps, and a variety of outerwear for the winter season. 

Try to buy multiple numbers of all these suits as you will need them for sure. Depending upon the gender of the baby, you can buy all the clothing in either blue or pink color. Pink is generally used for baby girls and blue for boys. Besides, babies often go through several changes of clothing every day. Having a baby dresser for the nursery can make things a little easier for you. Not just dressers can be used as storage, they can also add elegance to any nursery. With a dresser, you can have easy access to essentials when you need them.

2. Blankets

A receiving blanket is the second important requirement after baby clothes. You need a super comfy one bought before the baby’s birth. It will be used several times even after the baby arrives home.

By a good baby blanket, you don’t mean an expensive one. A soft and comfy one is enough to cover the baby and also swaddle it. This means a blanket can do two in one task of both cover cloth as well as a swaddle.

3. Baby Bassinet

baby essentials

When you are busy or not around, a baby bassinet is a good option for a newborn. It has multiple functions. For instance, you can use it to provide a safe place for the baby to sleep. You can also place the newborn in it when you are doing some house chore and don’t want to carry along.

If you want to invest for long-term use, you can buy a baby cot instead of a bassinet. It is slightly larger and can be used for infants as well.

4. Baby Carrier or Stroller

Are you a housewife or a working woman who needs to go outside with your baby? In both cases, you will need a baby carrier for newborn babies that frees your hands. So that you can work easily while holding your baby along with you all the time. 

Always choose a carrier or stroller depending on the age of the baby and the type of occasion. Most people choose a carrier as it keeps the kid close and calm near you.

5. Diapers 

Diapers are going to become a big part of your life from now. That does not mean you should collect them by stocks and stocks. Just buy a single pack for newborns momentarily. 

This is because you don’t know which size and brand will suit your child. Even when you are buying multiple packs, keep the receipt with you in case you want to return or replace them.

6. Medicines

Parenthood is the best feeling in the world. But it gives you several responsibilities as well. One of which is to take care of your baby to save it from any type of disease or infection. For this, you should have a medication cabinet at your home.

You should consult with your pediatrician and add medicines and ointments to your baby’s medicine cabinet. It must have a thermometer in it. Don’t buy it just at your own choice. Consult the doctor on which type of thermometer is suitable for your kid.

7. Milk bottles

Last but not the least, include milk bottles to your newborn checklist. If you are planning to go for formula feeding to feed your baby, you will need milk bottles. Always use high-quality bottles and nipples. Low-quality and contaminant feeders or nipples will make your baby ill due to bacterial or viral infections. 

For cleaning these containers, use a clean bottle brush and mild detergents. Again it is advised to buy only a few milk bottles or nipples to check the child’s compatibility.


Whether you are going to become a mummy for the first time or it’s your second child, these baby essentials is a must-have. Try to make a list and get the things done before time to avoid any inconvenience after the delivery. You can have an idea of the most important baby essentials by having a look at the above-mentioned points. Soon enough, your next search would be all about essential things you need to pack for your baby. 


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