Seven Altars in Guatemala: A Must Visit Waterfall

The Seven Altars are just that – they are seven gorgeous waterfalls close to Livingston, Guatemala, on the Caribbean coast. It’s an easy 5 km hike from the beach on a well marked path. If you get tired during your walk keep in mind that the seventh waterfall is the most spectacular of them all! So don’t you miss it!

Where is it?


What To Do at the Seven Altars waterfalls


To See


Facilities and Amenities

Guided tours
Well marked path

How to get There?

Hiking from Livingston along the beach on a well marked path.

The whole area is not a typical tourist attaction in Guatemala. So you will be able to enjoy the place without the crowds. This place might not be for everyone but nature lovers and adventurers will love!

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

2 thoughts on “Seven Altars in Guatemala: A Must Visit Waterfall

  1. Hahaha! And here I thought we were talking about more ruins and pyramids and such. Seven Altars is a lovely, fanciful name for a beautiful place. Appreciating nature appeals to me greatly as a way to appreciate the divine, so I think the name is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I love waterfalls and the tropics. It’s time for me to visit one of these this year. Loved the video.

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