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Why Sending Personalized Postcards is the Perfect Gift

There was a time when a postcard sent from a loved one who was out in a foreign land exploring was considered an amazing thing. It was so appreciated and each of those was treasured even though they had a generic photo of some monument.Personalized Postcards a great gift for a traveler´s loved ones and how to get them.Learn all about what makes Postcards is the perfect gift.

Postcards is the Perfect Gift
Photo of a postcard I created with MyPostcard.

This was one of the amazing and even powerful aspects of traveling that slowly got lost when this digital era started and people could just send an email or a message.

However, there are some of us who still cherish how special it is to receive one of these little cards in the mail by someone who took the time to buy and personalize it with some message or news of their trip. So when I heard about an app where I could create postcards with my very own photos, personalize the message and have it printed and sent to my loved ones back home I knew I had to try it.

Postcards is the Perfect Gift

How to Send Personalized Postcards While Traveling

Most people don´t want to have to go, buy one, find stamps and then find a postal office. Time while traveling is extremely precious, you want to make the most of it and explore as much as you can. Right?

It happened to me too.

That’s why I was so glad to have found MyPostCard. It is as easy as taking out my phone (Android or iPhone), or my computer, creating a post cars with some of my favorite photos an have someone else send it out.

Postcards is the Perfect Gift

It is extremely easy to use, you just open up the app, choose a pre-made layout, upload one or more photos write the text that you want on the back with a fun font of your choosing, and that’s it! You send it out!

Among other things that you can personalize is the size of the postcard you send. There are also Templates and designs with fun fonts and colors that you can use.

Postcards is the Perfect Gift

Now that we have this tool and are able to quickly and easily create postcards from all of our favorite destinations I hope this tradition among travelers makes a slow but steady comeback.

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