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Selfie Ring Light and Unique Flashlights – Loftek Review

Look what I got!

I’m sure most of you all are way ahead of me with the selfie tech. So for the moment, I’m truly enjoying the small gadgets that make a huge difference.

The Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light by Loftec - Review

Here is what it does to your pictures with little light:

Selfie Ring Light by Loftec - Review

This is a potent, mini ring light attaches to your phone and makes it easy for you to take selfies even in the darkest places. You simply clip it to the top of your phone and viola.

It comes with three different settings that include Soft, Cool, and Bright. By holding the power button for several seconds, you can also activate a flashing light mode. This allows you to get the right lighting for the perfect selfie.

The right light also comes with a USB-chargeable battery an cable, this way you never have to worry about changing the batteries and can charge it practically anywhere.

Pioneer 6W Portable Pocket Flood Light

Pioneer 6W Portable Pocket Flood Light by Loftec

This tiny, yet insanely powerful, flashlight can light up any location and is easy to attach to pants or wrap around the wrist.

Plus, it is waterproof and has a long battery life that will allow you to take it to the farthest places without it going off.

Its small size and lightweight also makes it great for packing light. It isn’t bigger than the average smartphone and acts as a power bank. But don’t let its size fool you, it provides 500 lumens of LED light that lasts for more than 4.5 hours per charge.

And you can charge it anywhere!

About Loftek

LOFTEK specializes in the development, design, manufacturing, and selling of LED lighting and other consumer electronics for uses like décor, home security, professionals, and outdoors.

They sell in over 18 countries, so chances are you can buy it easily.

And you guys can also opt to join in their VIP membership program. It comes with a lot of great perks that include Extended Warranty, Exclusive Customer Service, 30-Day Refund or Exchange, Exclusive Coupons, Gift for the First Meeting and Priority Free Trial Qualification.

You can also apply this exclusive code ‘MARINA’ to get 12% off for these products and other kinds of floodlights while shopping at Loftec.
Valid until August 31st. 

Twitter: @LoftekOfficial

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Selfie Ring Light and Unique Flashlights - Loftek Review

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