Top 7 Self Storage Unit Features for Travelers’ Peace of Mind

Installing security cameras to monitor activity at self storage units gives travelers assurance while they’re away for extended periods. Systems with remote access allow renters to check their units at any time. For example, Jessica accessed her self storage facility’s app while on a three-week vacation abroad. Checking on her storage unit from her phone and seeing nothing suspicious let her stop worrying about the safety of items in her unit. Video surveillance brings travelers serenity knowing staff will see if anything seems strange in or around their space.

Top 7 Self Storage Unit Features for Travelers' Peace of Mind
Storage facilities that use specialized HVAC systems maintain optimal conditions year-round.

Climate Control Protects Belongings from Elemental Damage

For travelers going to destinations with extreme weather fluctuations during their trips, temperature and humidity controlled units are vital. Storage facilities in a popular tourist destination like the high cost of living in Miami use specialized HVAC systems to actively preserve optimal conditions year-round. 

As John Smith, owner of a Miami storage company explains, “We invest heavily in climate control technology to shelter customer’s valuables from potential heat, cold, mold, or moisture damage during Florida’s volatile weather patterns.” 

Renters can rely on the stable environment to prevent deterioration in their unoccupied spaces. Advanced climate control capabilities justify slightly higher but worthwhile prices for the added security when travelers get peace of mind.

Online Account Access Enables Real-Time Monitoring

Many storage companies provide renters 24/7 online access to their accounts. 

Features allow travelers to remotely:

  • Check unit temperatures and humidity levels
  • View surveillance videos
  • Pay bills
  • Extend/shorten rental terms
  • Submit maintenance requests

Simple logins on mobile apps or websites let users regularly inspect spaces in between trips for anomalies per the U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines. With real-time monitoring capabilities, travelers can truly relax knowing their possessions remain protected.

Note: Some facilities even enable renters to grant temporary virtual access to their units for others checking on belongings in their absence.

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On-Site Packing Supplies Simplify Storage Preparation

When getting ready to store personal items, most facilities offer packing materials to help travelers properly box and wrap belongings. Tape, bubble wrap, mattress bags, furniture covers, and specialty labels can all be purchased on location. 

As mover Dominic Vega describes, “We want customers completely prepared when they arrive so we provide everything they need before loading.” 

This allows renters to conveniently pack on the spot and directly place filled boxes into units. Upon returning from trips down the road, complimentary wheeled carts also assist in moving heavy things out.

To take advantage, call ahead to inquire what materials are in stock for purchase on move-in day. Gather essentials like permanent markers to label boxes, furniture sliders if transporting large items, and camera/phone to capture an inventory. Proper packaging aids safety during transfers while at the facility. Finally, keep all sales receipts to later submit for possible insurance reimbursements. Being equipped ahead makes packing a smooth process.

Flexible Access Accommodates Travel Schedules

When renting storage while away, travelers need flexible access to drop off or check belongings fitting their irregular schedules. 

Many facilities provide:

  1. Extended office and gate hours (e.g. opening at 6 am or 24/7) outlined by the American Moving & Storage Association.
  2. Ability to grant trusted friends/family temporary PIN access for a designated timeframe.
  3. Options to purchase extra lock combinations allowing multiple entry points.
  4. Mobile apps enabling instant entry code generation or unit locking/unlocking remotely.

With around-the-clock entry flexibility through various access management tools, late night returns from red eye flights or early Sunday morning packing needs all become possible. Units stay securely accessible at travelers’ convenience.

Top 7 Self Storage Unit Features for Travelers' Peace of Mind
Insurance options are available by most facilities as add-ons and cover your belongings against unforeseen incidents including fires, floods, theft and vandalism.

Insurance Options Cover Belongings Against Unforeseen Incidents

When valuables get left behind in storage, unexpected damage can occur no matter the security precautions. Most facilities provide add-on renters insurance policies covering loss from forces like fires, floods, theft, and vandalism. Depending on personal item value, standard or premium plans cost between $10-40 monthly based on coverage limits. Before traveling, experts sharing useful travel tips recommend asking about insurance options or reviewing policy terms listed on facility websites. Though chances of incidents are low, one spilled box alone could amount to thousands in replacement costs.

Stat Box: 86% of US storage locations offer insurance. Average claim payout is $3,520. Top causes are water leaks, mold, and burglary.

Protecting irreplaceable mementos offers peace of mind on the road. If selecting extra coverage, be sure to inventory possessions and back up photos for smoother claim filing later on if ever needed.

Military and Long-Term Discounts Make Self Storage More Affordable

For frequent travelers needing storage, extended rentals over 6+ months and military members may qualify for 10-15% discounts at many facilities nationwide. Reduced rates help lower the costs that can accumulate when belonging get left for long stretches. All active duty, veterans, and family are eligible upon proof of service. Multi-month commitments also decrease base prices. Before booking a unit, inquire with staff about current deals that could provide savings during lengthy trips when reliable storage is vital for travel peace of mind.

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Last Updated on February 17, 2024

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