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A Selection of The Best Travel Equipment for the Adventurer

Traveling light is a great way to ease the burden of cumbersome luggage and too many things to worry about. Whether you are going on a vacation, a fun hike, a long trek, or a hunting trip, you won’t want to be burdened with too much stuff.Best pieces of equipment that every adventurer must have.Find information about some of the best travel equipment for adventure travel.

Best Travel Equipment

Packing Light

Having the right gear for the job, smart travel technology, and understanding how to pack can help lighten your travel load. Keep in mind that you will need less than you think. Take a hard look at your clothing options for trips and try to pack no more than three of each item.

There are also things that you can pick up while you are on your trip or at the hotel. Once you have pared down the items you really need, roll items and put items within other items to save room. Use all of the possible space you have in your limited size bag and make the most of it.

When choosing clothing, lightweight items that you can layer are often thinner and easier to pack. Also look for double-duty items, and practice packing light and paring down.

Innovative Gear

Whether you are going on a week-long trip, a day trip, or a long hike, there is innovative gear made for just what you want to do. Technology and specialty gear have combined to create the perfect solution for whatever adventure you take on.

If you are a hunter, you can find innovative bird vests that are more like hydration packs at the backpacking mall bird gear. If you are a hiker or trekker, there are new backpack options that are ultra-lightweight, durable, weather resistant, breathable, and comfortable.

Technology Trekking Solutions

Even if you are traveling light, you will still want to bring your phone. What is the biggest problem with phones? Charging. Reception can also be an issue, but your charging problems can be solved by a solar-powered charger that can easily fit into your travel vest or backpack.

For reception problems, a satellite phone handset can be the answer. The Iridium Extreme Satellite phone is capable of making and receiving calls anywhere in the world. The Extreme will also broadcast your GPS coordinates in case of an emergency.

Safety Gear

A quality travel watch can help you keep track of the time, distance traveled, and of course your steps. Most also feature a digital compass and a GPS. Having trekking poles or a hiking staff can improve your balance, help you walk longer, and help to fend off attention from unwanted animals and people. Try to find trekking poles that are lightweight and possibly collapsible if you will be traveling with them.

Having proper light is important. You will want to have a small high-powered LED flashlight and an LED headlamp if you will be out in the dark. The flashlight is great for focusing on specific areas and in emergencies. The headlamp can give you hands-free light when needed.

Innovative thinking combined with innovative gear can make your outdoor adventure safe and fun without being burdened by carrying too much gear.

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