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How to Select the Right Travel Luggage for Your Next Trip

While planning a trip we make sure to think of all the details like insurance, visas, vaccines, hotels, activities, transportation and safety for your home while you are away. But making sure you have the proper travel luggage for your adventure is something most of us never think of until it is too late. There are, however, some key things you need to consider before buying luggage for an upcoming trip. Your budget is obviously going to have a big impact on the luggage you can afford, so you might want to head to a site like BrokeScholar for discounts on suitcases and baggage, but here are 5 more travel tips you may need to know before choosing your travel luggage.

Travel Luggage

After years of traveling, I discovered that having luggage that meets your travel needs can make each trip a lot more enjoyable.

Tips to Find the Right Travel Luggage for Your Next Trip

Take into account the architecture and style of the place you are visiting.
For example, take the BrokeScholar if you are going to a place like Antigua Guatemala where all streets are cobblestones, bringing luggage with wheels is not a wise choice. It will get destroyed.

Are you an adventurer?
If you are the kind of traveler that even after planning, likes to go out of the itinerary and do some crazy stuff like hiking a volcano, traveling with a large backpack is your best bet.

But be careful, not all backpacks fit all bodies. Since you will be carrying all your stuff on your back, make sure it fits correctly. This will avoid getting injured or being extremely uncomfortable.

Check for the number of inner pockets.
The looks of your luggage isn’t as important as the facility it offers for keeping your stuff protected and organized. It is better to have one large piece of luggage with tons of pockets and compartments than having to buy a ton of additional smaller cubes or organizers.

Going on a weekend getaway?
Consider a duffel bag. It will allow you to pack all of your essentials and won’t take a lot of space. You will travel light and more comfortably.

When Traveling with Your Family
I learned that instead of having one piece of luggage per family member, you can get a set and put everything together, separated only by categories, ex. one for clothes, one for toiletries etc.

These are five of the main aspect I think of when buying travel luggage for an upcoming trip. hat are the things you think about before buying luggage

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