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Secrets of Taj Mahal You Should Know Before A Trip

For people who visit india the first time, ignoring the taj mahal is impossible. But a lot of people who stay inside india ignore the beauty of the taj because of lack of time, or money. But a single day is all you need to absorb the beauty of taj completely, in and out, with all the secrets. Here we will talk about a few lesser-known secrets of the taj to prepare for your next taj mahal tour by car. 

Taj Mahal is Full of Optical Illusions

The architects of taj were very skillful with proportions and optical illusions. When you first approach the gate of the taj, you can see the monument appear incredibly large. But when you approach this monument, it seems to shrink in size. The minarets also appear straight when you look from far, but they are standing slanting outwards. This illusion provides both framing and function, as whenever the minarets fall, they will fall outwards and not inwards, saving the main tomb from any damage. This is a detail you can notice with a few glances, but can’t get enough of on your same day agra tour by car

The Tombs You See at First Glance are Fake

Inside the taj, you can see cenotaphs that honor the legacy of mumtaz mahal and shah jahan. But those tombs are empty and made especially for public eyes. The real tombs lie just below the fake ones, and inside locks, away from the public eyes. In many ways, this system is in place to protect the historical remains from dangerous traffic and also because of a mughal ritual. 

Taj Mahal is Almost Completely Symmetrical

The taj is a pinnacle of mughal architecture and has constructions that are almost perfectly symmetrical. You can find symmetrical designs on the monument itself, and the minarets look almost similar. There are two exterior buildings on each side as well, which complement each other. The one difference in symmetry lies in the tombs, as one tomb is bigger than the second, and on a different side from the central axis. You may not notice all the symmetry, but it is still enough for a taj mahal tour by car. 

The Taj Mahal Gets Traditional Facials

Age and pollution are reaching alarming levels around the area, and so they do accumulate on the walls of the taj. The white sandstone is very prone to impurities and does take significant damage. So, every week, there is a spa day during which taj gets a proper clean with multani mitti and brushes. Multani mitti is a mudpack spa which indian women traditionally use to restore the glow in the face. The glow of taj returns by the end of the day. So, make sure you choose the correct day for your same-day taj mahal tour by car. 

Taj Mahal Can Change Colors

Taj is made of a rare combination of sands from around countries in asia. The color of this structure is white as it is known to be significant in mughal architecture. But when you come in the morning, you will find it to be baby pink, and slowly turns white. During the evening, it changes colors slowly into orange, pink, and then golden during moonlight. You can notice this optical illusion as the light from the sun disperses on the marble, and then selective colors make their way to your eyes. You can also find special tickets for a full moon view, which can cost much, but also are more fun to witness. 

The Black Taj Mahal 

Shah jahan was planning a black taj mahal, which was probably supposed to be his tomb. The monument was to reside just on the opposite side of the river. You can find the base of the monument complete with black marble. The construction of this monument was in halt after shah jahan was captured by his son, aurangzeb. Many historians disregard this story as just folklore. You can casually take the drive-by the other side during your taj mahal tour by car, to notice the base. 

Taj Mahal was A Showcase of Love and Power

Many accounts in history tell us that shah jahan made this monument for power as much for love. He was more ruthless than romantic and had immense devotion to his reign. The monument has some incredibly precious jewels decorating every gate, which takes its extravagance to a new level. The grand scale of this monument and its symmetry is certainly a showcase of mughal perfection. And it did work for a long time, by bringing more glory to shah jahan’s reign. You can read more about the history of this monument to educate yourself before your same-day taj mahal tour by car. 


Taj is a beauty that does not require much explanation from the mouths of people. If you want to experience the beauty of the taj on a budget, a one-day tour is good enough. Taj changes colors throughout the day, and you can experience a lot more in a single day. Shah jahan’s reign is known as the golden age of mughals because of some very clear reasons. You might experience a high flow of tourism during weekdays, but the mehtab bagh just outside the monument can be a great escape. You can find sufficient places to sit down and relax there without any hindrance. 

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