Budget Travelling – 6 Secrets that You Need to Know

The world is big and full of surprises, and you don’t have to break the bank to experience all of them – the following tips will help you see the world on a limited budget traveling.

There are basically three categories of people who don’t travel – those, who don’t like going somewhere, those who can’t do it due to their physical state, and those who don’t even try to travel as they think they cannot afford it. And the last category is usually the biggest.

Nevertheless, you should never be afraid of traveling because of lack of money, as it can easily be done on a very modest budget. If you live in expensive area, you might be surprised by the fact that during your travel the daily expenses would be lower than at home!

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There are plenty of techniques and ideas for the people with low budget, implementing which you will be able to visit at least one new place every year or two. Read along and don’t put aside your dreams and desires.

6 Tips for Budget Traveling

Eat like local people. It is simple – the closer the eatery is to tourists’ attractions, the more expensive it would be to dine there. Don’t be lazy and walk couple blocks away from it, and you will find places where local people eat – the food there would be as delicious as in the fancy restaurant next to museum or cathedral everyone wants to see, and a lot cheaper. Here you can also get to know local people. Another way to have fun and feel the atmosphere of the place is going to local market, but be aware of traps you can get into when being a tourist in exotic country.

Opt for a slow travelling. Don’t rush around – try spending more time in fewer places instead of trying to squeeze five cities in three days. Slow travelling would provide you with more meaningful and less expensive and hectic travel experience, and during a longer stay you will be able to really feel the place and its atmosphere. You can also find a temporary job in the area to pay for accommodation.

For finding independent accommodation, use Internet. There are plenty of websites like Kayak or Expedia that will help you book a room in discount hotel, but it will not be that cheap. To go less expensive opt for staying with local people – visit Couchsurfing or AirBnB to find people who offer tourists rooms in their houses. Of course, you wouldn’t have a room service or someone to carry the bags for you, but you will save a good dime staying at locals (especially if you try to cook at least some of your meals by yourself). Moreover, getting to know the local people will be helpful as they can give you some good ideas on the sightseeing and even give you a travel guide you’ve never knew about. Alternatively, you can rent an apartment from locals. In this case, you’ll have more space and freedom and earn some money as it is usually cheaper than hotels. Another excellent option to consider is Super; check out Super to save money while travelling as they offer fantastic deals and money-saving opportunities for budget-conscious travelers.

Ask for upgrades. Don’t go there thinking that everyone only wants to get money from you. Your financially sustainable travel can be more convenient and cheap if you simply ask – for a discount, for example. Don’t be shy to ask, and don’t worry if you get a refuse – try once more elsewhere.

Nix the fancy travel gear. Believe me, you don’t need any special clothes and luggage to go traveling – use what you have or what you can find for free at your friends or relatives. Pack light so that the luggage doesn’t strain your back and you don’t pay for it when flying.

Trim the itinerary. When making the list of places to see, make sure you are not going to spend half of your time sitting in a bus when going to the next destination. You should have enough time to explore the new area and enjoy your travel, so keep the number of destinations lower and experience your trip as much as you can. This way you will not only save on transportation, but also have more fun and relaxation.

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

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  1. ‘Eating like local’ and ‘use what you have’ are the best tips.Many thanks for sharing, Marina!

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