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Secret Gems You Have To See: The Non-Touristy Guide Of Canada

Planning a trip to Canada? Slightly overwhelmed with the touristy websites filled with places that you “must see”? We completely understand. Traveling is such an experience in itself and trying to follow the touristy guides and hit all of the must see locations may not be ideal for you or your family. We’ve created a non-touristy that is full of secret gems that will make your trip as special as possible.Three of the top off the beaten path things that you can do in Canada.Take a look at this list of Non-touristy guide of Canada.

non-touristy guide of canada

The Non-Touristy Guide Of Canada


While this may not have crossed your mind yet, transportation is a big issue especially when you plan to travel to a different country. 

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Public transportation can be a good alternative, however it can be confusing. Going somewhere new for the first time and trying to figure out their transportation system can take longer than you might expect. Missing your stop or getting off early and having to pay again to get back on can be a waste of your time and money. 

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non-touristy guide of canada

Outdoor Adventures

Some of the most unique things in Canada are their outdoor attractions. From parks, to mountain ranges, forests, lakes, there are so many options available depending on your likes (or dislikes). There are plenty of outdoor hot spots that are absolutely beautiful for any tourist interested in a naturous adventure!

One of the greatest outdoor locations to visit is Manitoulin Island. It is the world’s largest freshwater island. With water all around and hiking trails, it’s perfect for the lovers of the outdoors.

Indoor Sites

For those that prefer inside adventures we’ve included some for you too! Located in Ontario there is the Winter Garden Theater. It is a double-deck theater that is botanically themed. With plants hanging from the ceiling, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the outside, but while sitting inside.

Another great site to see is the Casa Loma. It is a 98 room castle. The cost was too much, as it bankrupted a 19th century electricity multimillionaire. In modern day costs, his castle costs $412 million to build. He was overconfident in his sales and as things started to go downhill, he clearly couldn’t catch up. The castle is now owned by the city and has become a museum and tourist attraction for years.

The Habitat 67 is another great attraction to visit. In an attempt for new modern urban living, there was an experiment done by architects in 1967. The houses seem to stack on top of each other. It is a site to see, even though they are still lived in.

We hope to have created a great list of must sees in Canada that you can use for your next trip. Getting around to see all of the attractions may be your main concern, and though you can use public transportation, the global rentals might allow you to see more then you would using public transportation.

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