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Sebring Florida An Unexpected Vacation Spot

Sebring Florida An Unexpected Vacation Spot

Sebring or the “The City on the Circle” as some like to call it, due to Circle Drive, is located right at the center of the Historic District. Due to its small size, it tends to be overlooked by travelers who prefer to focus on larger and more popular places such as Miami and Orlando.

Sebring Florida An Unexpected Vacation Spot

However, it a great getaway place to visit if you are looking for outdoor adventures, exploring nature, art, and racing.

So if you are looking for the relaxing water experience that Florida offers in a more relaxed environment that is off the beaten path.

6 Reasons to Visit Sebring Florida

There are tons of reasons why it is fun to visit this region, the main one is that you can walk almost anywhere.

1. Fishing tours – There are more than 100 small lakes where you can go fishing in the area. This is South Central Florida’s best location for both recreational and tournament fishing and there are plenty of tours being offered.

2. Airboat Tours – All of those lakes where you can go fishing are also great for taking airboat tours. During these tours you get to jump on a small boat (often for 6 passengers) and enjoy the local flora as well as search for wildlife hiding at the shore.

3. Highlands Hammock State Park – This is one of Florida’s oldest parks. It opened in 1931 and is now home to 15 distinct natural communities in its more than 9,000 acres of land. when you go for a visit you get to enjoy: Cycling the scenic three-mile loop, hiking one of the nine trails, having a picnic, bird-watching, and ranger-guided tours.

4. Sebring International Raceway – Is one of the oldest continuously operating race tracks in the United States. So whenever you plan a trip to Sebring make sure to look at its event calendar. It might have something that matches your dates.

5. Avon Park Depot Museum and Restaurant – The museum is housed in a historic 1926 railroad depot. In it, you will find photographs, artifacts, articles and records that tell the history of Avon Park. You can also enjoy the authentic dining car that is open to visitors. A volunteer staff serves lunches in the dining car by appointment.

6. Enjoy the Beaches of Lake Jackson – The area of the public beach, aside from being beautiful offers covered Tables, a play area and restrooms. Making it a perfect place for spending a day with the family.

Sebring Florida An Unexpected Vacation Spot

Where to Stay in Sebring, Florida

The great part about Sebring is that it isn’t too developed. It still holds its small community sense. Therefore, the main lodging you can find are motels. They typical sort with one room, bathroom and TV. Not exactly the flare that I was looking for for my husband’s and mine getaway weekend.

I have been gravitating more and more to vacation rentals and was pleasantly surprised to find a great one right on the lake through Airbnb.

Sebring Florida An Unexpected Vacation Spot

It was exactly what I wanted. A place directly on the water to catch beautiful sunsets.

Close to everything, you can either drive to the restaurants and shops in less than five minutes, or walk it in twenty.

And it had a living room with the most comfy couches. No joke, they had a vibrating mechanism to massage you while chilling in front of the TV.

Sebring Florida An Unexpected Vacation Spot

And Jim, the owner, was great to work with. He was super helpful, funny and attentive.

Fun Facts About Sebring

  • Sebring was named after George E. Sebring, a pottery manufacturer from Ohio who developed the iconic round style of the city center.
  • The Sebring International Raceway was created on a former airbase. It is best known as the host of the 12 Hours of Sebring, an annual WeatherTech SportsCar Championship race.
  • The house where novelist Rex Beach committed suicide is located on one of Sebring’s main lakes, Lake Jackson.
  • Downtown Sebring has been designated a 1920’s Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Some say that George Sebring’s “Circle Plan” for downtown was based on the design of Heliopolis, an ancient Egyptian city.

Now It is History Time!

  • Sebring was founded in 1912.
  • It was chartered by the state of Florida in 1913.
  • Then it was selected as the county seat of Highlands County when the county was created in 1921.
  • By the mid-twenties, the population had grown nearly fourfold and much of the early development had reached its peak as a business Mecca.
  • For that reason, Biltmore interests financed the $30 million dollar development of Harder Hall, a major resort complex complete with its own golf course.
  • By the late twenties, an end to the boom was caused by fraudulent land sales, railroad embargoes and clogged shipyards.
  • The economy later recovered with the development of Highlands Hammock State Park, a Civilian Conservation Corps project, and the establishment of Hendricks Field, a WW-II bomber training base.

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  1. Stunning photos! Looks like an amazing place to visit. Somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, hopefully one day I’ll make it

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