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Scuba Diving in Andaman

It is no hidden secret; the Andaman Islands are a source of a serene and calm break and an adventurous holiday. With one of the best spots (besides Central America diving sites) to practice this sport. If you want to explore and witness the wonders of fantastic underwater nature, then scuba diving can perhaps be the best option for you. With scuba diving, you can find the secrets of the marine universe and can closely observe breathtaking underwater colorful inhabitants (Flora & Fauna). Nowadays, it is possible to Scuba Diving in Andaman with the help of only some sophisticated equipment like masks and regulators.

Scuba Diving in Andaman

Scuba diving is considered a discovery sport, where respite and rapture go hand-in-hand. The comforts during scuba diving are mostly physiological. During scuba diving, you experience the phenomenal underwater Mother Nature, which takes you far off from the hurly-burly of your everyday schedule.

Is scuba diving allowed in Andaman?

In India, Scuba diving in Andaman can be an ultimate choice for diving enthusiasts as it provides endless opportunities. Although for some time due to widespread COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have been imposed by Andaman Tourism Center yet in Andaman negligible cases were found, so all tourist places have reopened now with strictly following COVID-19 protocols.

The Andaman Islands offer a standard scuba diving experience with the biodiversity of these islands, along with fairly enough warm waters makes scuba diving in Andaman a very attractive venturesome option at an affordable price. In the Andaman Islands, many beaches and islands are available for scuba diving. Still, some places like Havelock Island, North Bay Island, Neil Island, and Elephant Beach are the most popular diving station among tourists because of expert instructors and the best security services available.

 Is Andaman good for Scuba Diving?

The Andaman Islands are the fastest emerging tourist destination among all other destinations because of their unmatched water activities under azure seawater. The specialty is that here in Andaman, you can witness the underwater coral reefs, steep walls, sandy bottom, great paramount, and inhabitants like flora & fauna, which are still flawless or unharmed by human beings. Either you are naïve to scuba diving or have experienced it before. Still, here at Andaman Island, you will always feel something new, captivated, and energized while wandering into the ultramarine sea water world.  Scuba diving is one of the best things to do in Andaman Islands.

You may feel enthralling after watching clouds of vibrant fishes & tiny creatures, underwater photography, and the mysterious remains of sunken ships. Diving offered in Andaman is peculiar and exceptional. The Andaman Islands are adjacent to coastal belts, making them the itinerant of one of the richest coral reef biodiversity in the world.

How much does scuba diving costs in Andaman?

In Andaman, people can explore several water activities like snorkeling, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Parasailing, and many more. But Scuba diving in Andaman can be a splendid action than other activities. Scuba diving costs in Andaman may vary depending on the diving center and plan you choose for scuba diving.

However, the price for scuba diving ranges between 3.5K and 6.5K per season. The lowest price for scuba diving is 3500 INR which is favorable if a non-certified amateur diver. In this course, you can enjoy 30 minutes of diving underwater plus 10 minutes of instruction class. Scuba diving and water sports are economical in Andaman, but agents or intermediaries overcharging make these adventurous sports extravagant. But, if you go dive center without any agent, you may save up to 30-50% of your money on scuba diving.

The selection of islands is also an important factor when you are looking for affordable scuba diving. So, depending on the factor Elephanta Beach and Nemo Reef can be the best and affordable places for scuba diving; they are located on Havelock Island. However, I am also enlisting some other dive centers in Andaman that might be useful for you.




Cost (INR)

  Havelock Island

Seashore Dive

Nemo Reef


  North Bay Island

Seashore Dive

North Bay Beach


  Port Blair

Boat Dive

Carbyn’s Cove Beach


  Havelock Island

Boat Dive

Dongi Dive


  Neil Island

Boat Dive

Laxmanpur Beach


  Barren Island

Boat Dive

Near the Island


Scuba diving in Andaman age limit details?

Scuba diving in Andaman as an adventurous sport attracts adults and teenagers who aspire to experience scuba diving. If your age is between 10 to 60 years, you are good to go for Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands. But if you are seeking to dive without certification, you must dive under a certified trainer to ensure maximum safety during scuba diving. Although everyone is eligible to enjoy scuba diving between 10 to 60 years, yet there are some cases in which people are not allowed to dive, such as-

  • If a woman is pregnant.
  • People who struggle with respiratory diseases.
  • People with serious cardiac conditions.
  • People with serious medication or treatment.
  • The person who is older than 60 years.
  • Kids below ten years.
  • People who panic underwater or have serious psychological conditions.

Best time for scuba diving in Andaman?

The Andaman Islands are blessed with lovely good weather around the year except for the rainy season (June-September). Although we cherish the rainy season and islands seem as pretty as a picture of rain-drenched and green, this is not a good time for scuba diving at beaches.

If you plan to give Scuba diving a shot in the Andaman, then from mid-winter to early summer, it can be a great season from early December to early May. During this season, the temperature remains between 24°C and 30°C, and the weather remains facetious and radiant. Seashores become placate as no monsoon activities happened there so that you can see good visibility during this time. The winter season is the peak season for tourists in Andaman, so prices remain high during winter while the monsoon season is off-season as per Andaman tourism. 

After the monsoon stops showering during early September, you will find a sea full of diverse marine creatures, i.e., flora and fauna, which may mesmerize your brain, and you can relish some pleasing experiences of scuba diving.  

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