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How to Score the Cheapest Flights to Anywhere – Travel Tips

Trying to find a cheap flight can be a long, tiresome process. You end up looking through many search engines, often feeling like the prices are going up rather than down. Once you find a flight, you have to go through the booking process, selecting your luggage options, additional seats, and food. To try to make finding a cheap flight less stressful, we’ve come up with the following tips.Four of my best tips on how to find the cheapest flights for your next trip.Look at this list of travel tips of cheapest flights.

How to Score the Cheapest Flights to Anywhere

1) Keep your search a secret. 

If you think the prices of your flights keep on changing every time you look, you might think you’re losing it, but actually, flight search engines keep an eye on you and do this on purpose. When you browse online, you have a unique identifier – a cookie. Once you drop a cookie on a site and then come back, they will recognize you and change what they offer you to seek a bit more cash out of you. The way to avoid this is by using a private browser like incognito mode in Google Chrome. 

You can find this in the settings, and it will mean the website you’re using to check your flights won’t know it’s you coming back for a second look – making sure you get the lowest prices possible.   

2) Choose your website carefully. 

There are lots of search engines out there dedicated to browsing for flights. All of these take a cut of the money for referring you to the airline to make money. Expedia is a good example of a website that inflates the prices significantly. Some of the best ones to use are Skyscanner, AirFare Watchdog, Kiwi, and Travelo, if you want to know how to get cheap airline tickets to Greece.

It’s generally best to try two to three of these options to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. 

3) Find the best day to leave.

The consensus is that Tuesday is the cheapest day to book your outbound flight. While this is generally true, it’s always worth checking to see if a different day is more economical. As a rule of thumb, weekdays are cheaper than weekends, and booking over a month in advance is recommended. This means you can see a whole month at once and find the most affordable day to fly. You should then do this for your return flight to get the best-combined deal. 

4) Use budget airlines. 

If you truly want to fly for cheap, budget airlines are your friends. You’ll naturally be skimping out on leg room and complimentary drinks and food on board, but you’ll be getting a much cheaper offer in the long run. This is ideal for shorter flights of up to around 3-4 hours, where you won’t be missing too much. We also recommend bringing food and drinks on board with you, so you don’t starve! Another thing to remember is to make sure you have the correct luggage, as unlike in other flights where this will be included as standard, you’ll have to pay extra. 

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