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Scansail is Revolutionizing the Boat Hire Industry

If we look at some of the biggest tech companies in the world like AirBnB and Uber, a common theme is that they democratize services using the internet. Instead of dealing with just large hotels or taxi companies, they empower individuals to join the marketplace and rent their room, or become a self-employed driver themselves.

Scansail is the boating equivalent to this. 10 years ago, to hire a jet ski we would drive along the coast looking for a jet ski rental shop. Likewise, renting a yacht would require jumping through even more hoops, phoning up larger chartering companies and seeing what they have on offer. But, Scansail has helped democratize the industry by letting boat owners join the marketplace and let others rent their boats out.

What vessels can be rented?

If you go into a hardware shop, you will find a certain amount of products that they stock. If you head to eBay, you will find a near-indefinite list, because that’s the benefit of being a marketplace. There are no inventory managers or product buyers.

So, as you can imagine, Scansail has it all. From houseboats and yachts to sailboats and catamarans. Of course, it depends on the residents of the place you’re renting from, but because second incomes through renting things like boats or spare rooms in our home is increasingly common, there’s a lot of supply.

So, a fast speed boat or jet ski could be rented for a day, or a sailboat for a fortnight. 

Available destinations 

Again, there is no limit regarding destinations because of the nature of a marketplace. But, Scansail certainly boasts about its favorites and which seems to be the most popular among customers. 

Dubrovnik is a popular European destination, particularly in the summer. As European summer has drawn to an end, the Bahamas and Thailand become more popular, along with Seychelles and the British Virgin Islands. 

The Caribbeans are a great choice because of their island-hopping potential, much like Greece. One often overlooked destination though is Brazil, but it’s a great choice for because of its mountainous surroundings, a plethora of beaches, and affordable rental prices with captains. The rainforest settings whilst sailing the calm waters are a truly underrated option when chartering boats.

How expensive is a yacht hire?

Yacht hire is something many of us consider to be out of our price range. However, it can often be a misconception that means we don’t explore if it’s actually true or not. Although it will depend on where you are, there may be 10-cabin yachts for under £/€ 2,000 per day. Which, although sounds expensive, it may accommodate 40 people for a party. Even if 10, slept and chipped in with costs, that’s £/€200 each per day.

Boating activities

When renting a boat, a lot of opportunities arise. Besides the ability to avoid crowded beaches and other tourists, it allows us to explore the sea (snorkeling), wildlife (island-hopping), landscapes (from the outside-in), and new sports (water skiing). Many boats have catering and dining options too, as well as disco and party amenities.

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