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Save when Exchanging Money in Mexico

One of the most common questions among travelers that are planning to visit Mexico are about money, the local currency, the exchange rate and where to exchange it in order to enjoy all the many things to do Mexico has to offer, to enjoy the culture, the sight and the many landmarks Mexico has.


This might answer your questions:

About Mexican Currency

The Costa Rican money is called Peso (s) named after pesos oro (gold weights) or pesos plata (silver weights). The symbol is $; and are commonly referred to as MXN.

About Exchanging Money

1. Banks – Private ones tend to have better service and shorter lines but worse rates than the national banks.
2. Global Exchange office at the airport – They don’t tend to have good rates, but it’s very conveniently located. They’re open 5am – midnight.
3. Shops, Hotels, Restaurants etc. – If you have small dollar denominations almost anywhere will accept them as long as they don’t have to give dollars as change. However most offer terrible rates.

To make sure you find the best rates you can possibly get, ant to avoid spending too much money on vacation you can Compare Travel Money with

Insider Information

* Like usual airports, hotels, and restaurants give terrible rates, too.
* Always carry your passport with you, especially when you want to change money.
* Traveler’s checks are accepted in some of places, but not all. Some banks are picky and don’t accept all types. Plus, expect to be charged 1-2% commission.
* I learned that one of the best ways to save on vacation is to stay clear of people on the streets, you don’t know if their money is counterfeit or not, plus they tend to give terrible rates.

ATM (money machines) – There are ATMs that are opened around the clock. Most take Credomatic, VISA, Plus, Star, and Cirrus networks.
Credit Cards / Debit Cards – The majority of tourist locations accept both without any problems. However, you will come upon some that will charge an extra fee. So remember to ask before using a card.

Follow these simple travel tips when traveling to Mexico and I can guarantee you will be able to do some saving along the way.

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