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How to Save and See the Major Attraction in San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is one of the big cities of the Unites States and is known as the center piece of the Bay area that surrounds it. it is known for a lot of things, a few being the Victorian architecture of its buildings, the cultural and ethnic diversity of the people that live in it and the famous Golden Gate.

But how will we have fund once we get there you might ask?

San Francisco
Photo by: Paul D’Ambra

Recommendations on Places to Visit in San Francisco:

  • Visit The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Ride the Cable cars
  • Step into Alcatraz
  • Check out the Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Go shopping on Union Square
  • Relax at North Beach
  • Got to Chinatown
  • Look for you favorite kind of restaurant
  • Indulge by attending one of the symphony’s concerts or maybe an opera and ballet show

I do believe that splurging in having fun and visiting all of the main sites of a city is a must. But, just as anyone else, I don’t like the idea of going broke for it. That is why it is necessary to save in other stuff.

One thing that I find great is that lately you can save in things such as lodging without having to sacrifice being comfortable. There are tons of great budget hotels that can be found in HostelBookers. I’m sure they have managed to find a bunch that you can check out for your next visit to San Francisco.

Another way to save that might not seem like it is by choosing wisely where to eat. Sure, eating at luxury hotels is fun. But if you want to get a taste of true local cuisine your best bet is to go to small eateries owned by locals.

When you plan your next trip dont forget to visit HostelBookers. They are having a competition until December 31. If you participate, you might be able to win a stay in a hotel from the US and money to spend. Go to the HostelBookers site to learn all about how you enter the contest. You might not even need to pay for your accomodations.

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