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Save on Your First Skiing Trip with the Family

Lately snowboarding and skiing has become a popular family vacation. It is a great adventure that can be had in Europe, North America and in the Southern American countries of Chile and Argentina. If your and your family are adrenaline lovers and are thinking of having a new adventure a skiing trip should be on the top of your list. You will have tons of fun , surrounded by a beautiful scenery, also most resorts are packed with activities you can do after skiing and great food, so you can relax in style after a day on the slopes.

The thing is that these kind of vacations can be expensive, and never more on your first trip. Because you don’t have all the equipment, and you need to buy it for everyone in the family. There are some things that you really do need, but there are ways to keep the costs down.

Here are a 5 tips that will help you make it to the mountains without breaking the bank.

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1. On your first ski trip, before you figure out if you’re going to be skiing again, it’s a great idea to borrow things from friends who have skied before. This way you can avoid making big investments in clothes or equipment that you might not use again. If you are going to buy anything new, make sure it’s stuff you’ll get use out of at home as well as on your trip. For example, you could buy a decent jacket from Superdry that you, your partner or your kids will get use out of at home as well as on vacation. But it’s better to borrow some salopettes from a friend until you’re sure you’ll need them more than once. This way you can spread the cost of all your gear over the next vacations.

2. Depending on the time of year and where you are going, the mountains can be really cold. So there’s no getting away from the need for lots of layers. There are a lot of expensive base layers on the market, but on a first trip make sure to take a lot of warm sweaters for all the family. If there’s anything you already own that you can use to layer up, use those instead of buying new things. It’s the same with gloves and hats – if you can borrow these or use things you’ve bought before you’ll save a lot of money on every family member.

3. Some things can also borrow are eye protection (sunglasses or goggles). But you must buy warm, waterproof footwear that you can wear when you’re not in your ski boots. But if you already own walking boots these will be absolutely fine. There may be no need to buy a brand new pair of boots for every family member, so check what you’ve already got before hitting the stores.

4. It’s also worth checking out second hand clothing websites like Freecycle, and wholesale clothes shops. You can pick up some real bargains on previous season’s ski wear this way, this can be the difference between staying in budget and missing out on the holiday of a lifetime!

5. One last great tip for stocking up on ski wear – once you’re there the chances are you’ll fall in love with the sport, and at that point it’s worth checking the shops out there for sale and bargain ski gear. You can often find last season’s jackets and pants heavily discounted and pick them up.

So borrow as much as you can from friends that have already caught the ski bug; gradually build up your gear collection over several trips; search for sale items and second hand bargains; only buy new stuff if you know you’ll use it at home as well as on vacation. And one last thing – have an amazing time! You’ll never look back once you discover the freedom of skiing and snowboarding.


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