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Save on Your New Zealand Trip With These Easy-To-Follow Tips

A trip in New Zealand is in many people’s bucket lists, perhaps yours as well. It’s a dream destination filled with wonders such as icy glaciers, towering mountains, bubbling hot pools and sweeping scenes straight out of earth’s paradise! It can be expensive though, so if that’s at all an issue with you.

If you’re making a trip to New Zealand anytime soon, then you can try saving a bit by trying out some of the tips below:

New Zealand Trip
Photo by: Tom Hall

Save on Your New Zealand Trip With These Easy-To-Follow Tips

Car rental

There’s nothing as aggravating as commuting in a new place when you want to experience every little bit of its atmosphere. Say you’re traveling to Auckland, instead of spending large amounts of cash by just taking any car for hire you found, you can simply book for cars online to pick you up when you arrive. A rental car will just show up when you land. Auckland airport car hire services are available online for your convenience.

Get NZ dollars when they’re cheap

NZ dollar is still sitting at record high against the US dollar as well as many other currencies, but it does bob around a bit. You need to time them while you’re here. It varies and there’s no clear indications or system, so keep on a lookout and buy as many as you require.

Group booking

There are group booking sites online and you can take advantage of those. Chances are, you’re already planning on purchasing a promo for you and your travel companions. Typically, you can save about 50 percent off the ticket price, accommodation and other expenditures when you do this.

Stock up on essentials

Supplies in smaller towns tend to be more expensive, so it helps to do your grocery shopping in the main centers. Pak n’ Save is the most affordable supermarket chain and farmers’ market are also becoming increasingly popular because of great value.

Fuel saving

If you’re renting a car, petrol will be a major cost, especially if you’re road tripping. You can save by collecting fuel vouchers found at the bottom of supermarket receipts. Also, filling up in the main centers is a good idea since they tend to be cheaper.

Getting a SIM card

If you want to use a local cell phone, 2degrees Mobile is the cheapest network available in New Zealand, about $5 for a regular SIM card or $20 for a micro SIM card, which may come with 100MB of data.

Traveling during peak season

Summer holidays are taken at Christmas, which means that for three or four weeks between the holidays and mid-January, every campground, road, sunny beach and jet boat will be occupied. If you like sunshine, February and March are good months to visit.

There you have it, I’m sure you’ll figure out the others as you drive through your destination. Remember, it helps to plan a rental transport using Auckland airport car hire if it’s where you plan to go. Remember, the key is being inquisitive, so ask the locals or your tour guide if you want to do anything or if you’re unsure where to go next. For everything else, well, there’s Google. Have fun!

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