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Save Money While Traveling in Iceland

In the past few years Iceland has become one of the top travel destinations. While low flight costs might lead you to believe Iceland is the ultimate budget travel spot, it’s actually one of the most expensive countries to visit. If you travel to Iceland, while you’ll be in awe of it’s otherworldly beauty, you might find your wallet growing sore. A little bit of planning will go a long way towards keeping costs down! Six ways that you can save money when you travel to Iceland.Take a look at this article to learn about traveling in Iceland.

Traveling in Iceland

Doing research not only saves you money, but it also spares you from headaches. If you want to go DIY and drive a camper in Iceland, look for the best deal and book in advance. Learn about the weather conditions, the roads, the campsites, and the sights to make the most of your visit

Here’s how to save money while traveling in Iceland.

Choose a tour to get the most bang for your buck

While it’s not always ideal to travel with a tour in Iceland it’s one of the best values around. Iceland is a spread out country with a lot of land to cover. If you want to navigate the best of the country without dealing with costly arrangements and transportation on your own, a tour is the best option. offers different options for all types of travelers! There’s something to suit your budget and plans.

Traveling in Iceland

Skip the meals out when you can.

Eating out at restaurants or even small local shops can be costly in Iceland! Meals are more expensive than what you’re used to back home, and this can come as a shock to most new travelers visiting Iceland. Instead of planning to eat all of your meals out, stay in an accommodation or rental that has a kitchen. Then, you can make most of the own meals yourself using inexpensive ingredients found at local markets or grocery stores! Iceland is known for it’s farm fresh ingredients, so you definitely won’t be missing out on anything by trying the local produce and meats at the market! Just avoid the 10-11 grocery stores which might be nice but are notoriously overpriced! Remember to bring snacks with you on day trips as well to keep costs low.

If you don’t mind the outdoors, try camping!

Camping isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun getaway, but camping in Iceland truly is a unique experience. Camping is a popular way to explore a new place in Iceland, and you’ll have no problem finding the right campground. You can put up your own tent at a campground for as little as $10USD a night which can mean big savings! The beautiful nights in Iceland might be enough to convince you this is a great option.

Save Money While Traveling in Iceland

Cut down on alcoholic drinks.

Many people like to let a little lose on their travels! What better way than tasting the local beer and wine selection? While it’s fun every once in a while, alcohol is incredibly expensive in Iceland. Because of high taxes, a bottle of beer can go for over $10. If you must drink, opt for a bottle of beer or wine from the grocery store where you’ll pay a slightly more reasonable price.

Bring your own water bottle.

In a lot of countries around the world you have to be careful about drinking tap water. In these places, bottled water is the only way to go. Luckily, Iceland has some of the best tap water in the world. Not only can you ask for free water in most places, but you can bring your own water bottle or container to fill up with free water for your entire trip! Don’t waste money on bottled water, it’s practically a scam in Iceland!


Eat the dish of the day!

While dining at restaurants in Iceland is notoriously expensive, there is one exception to this rule. During lunch most local spots offer a dish of the day. This is the best price around, and you’ll get to try an Icelandic classic. Plan to cook the bulk of your meals yourself, but if you must eat out choose lunch time!

Make the most of your budget in Iceland with these tips.

These tips will help you make the most of your budget while in Iceland. While airfare might be cheap right now, the prices in Iceland are as high as ever. Avoid blowing your whole travel budget on the wrong things by using these tips. If you’re careful with your planning, you can have an inexpensive stay in this gorgeous country!

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