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How To Save on a Family Vacation when you Visit Portland

Portland is a gorgeous city and the largest in Oregon. It is to some for all of the great outdoor activities that it has to offer. But it is mostly an underrated destination in the US. It is definitely on my family’s bucket list. I would like to visit the city with them in the near future. Many things you can do to save money on a family vacation. In this article, you can learn about the best three when you visit Portland, USA.

As always, when I plan a trip with my sons and husband I do a lot of research, mainly because I want to find unique and fun things to do in Oregon and because I don’t want to go for the first option knowing that there are tons of great deals out there.

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Visit Portland
Photo by: Allie_Caulfield

How To Save on a Family Vacation when you Visit Portland

This has allowed me to learn about tons of different ways to save some money. Here are my top 3:

1. Accommodations

Find a vacation rental. Getting a home will allow you to save some money, mainly in food. Instead of going out to a restaurant for every single meal, you can cook. You also avoid the issue of renting two rooms or being all crowded in one.

2. Activities

Whenever I visit the US, I love to take advantage of Groupon Things To Do. They have coupons for tons of different attractions, so I always do a quick search in this website. Saving on the activities and places that my family and I want to visit is always a nice treat.

3. Flights

This is one of the most expensive aspects of traveling, and with a family of four, I like to be careful when I choose who to fly with. It can make a big difference in our travel budget. My key to finding good prices is comparing five to ten airlines or websites that offer deals. This allows me to find a better option.

Do you have any key secrets when it comes to saving money on family travel?

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