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Saudi Arabia as a Travel Destination – Should you Visit Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is in a transition of change as they now have opened their doors to foreign tourists visiting. You only have to look at a number of major sporting events that are now taking place in the country, such as the upcoming heavyweight rematch fight between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz. The former champion has continued to prove a popular selection on the run-up to the event with punters using the PA lottery bonus code. So will it be the same result? Or can Joshua win his belts back? It has set up for a fascinating event, in which there will be large numbers of supporters heading over to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia as a Travel Destination - Should you Visit Saudi Arabia?

Many will be heading over for an extended period and making a holiday of the visit to the Middle East. The country itself is hot for eight months of the year, which is always a plus. However, there has long been controversial in the country due to their much-criticized human rights record. Alongside the no political freedom, no free speech and even no alcohol allowed. Despite all this, there is still much that can be done in the country.

Jeddah used to be the capital of Saudi Arabia until 1982 and is a great spot for tourists. It is an open air city, with a number of incredible clothing shops on offer that are open until late at night. These are all situated in the street markets located around the city, which are a must see if visiting. Just up the coast there are also a number of beach resorts and the opportunity to do some scuba diving.

The Asir Mountains have now been opened in recent years for domestic tourism and offer an incredible experience. You can get in a cable car, which descends over the mountains and across to a hillside village called Rijal al-Ma’. This provides some breath-taking views that struggle to be rivalled from anywhere in the world.

The ancient Nabataean ruins known as Mada’in Saleh are another must see spot in the country. This has long been kept quiet by authorities in the country, but now Saudi Arabia is being pushed as a travelling spot, then this is going to become a regular tourist spot for years to come.

The final spot that must be visited is the date palm oasis of Al-Hofuf. This is the largest of its kind in the world and provides a stunning experience, due to the streams and gardens. There is also now a cave complex to view inside, which has now been registered as a cultural heritage site as of 2018. These must be climbed into but are another attraction that is not to be missed when in Saudi Arabia.

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