Sans Water Bottle Review: Useful Information About Sans Water

Sans Water Bottle on top of a wood table

Aside from traveling, working out or doing some kind of physical activity is on my list of favorite things to do. I just love to take care of my body. This also means that I am also mindful of what I eat and everything I put in my body.

Because of that, I have spent tons of hours researching all about great food to eat. This leads me to start experimenting with juicing and creating delicious and nutritious blends that my family and I can take to help supplement what we eat naturally.

The only issue I have with that is that it is not something you can store once you serve it up, you have to drink it in the next 15 minutes, or it starts tasting bad.

Also, another great water bottle my family love is the FuturePace tech water bottle, I have a full blog post about it, make sure you check it out

About Sans Water Bottle

That’s why I got so excited when I found SANS water bottle, it claimed to create a void inside of it so that anything you put in it stays fresh. They had a few options on their site:

Sans Water Bottle by Sans on top of a table

  • Glass 8oz. for baby food.
  • Glass 16oz.
  • Glass Carafe 32oz.
  • BPA free Plastic 16oz.

I decided to go for the plastic one because I have two adventurous and active sons and the glass one wasn’t going to survive if they decided to take it on one of our outings. Also, I figured it would be lighter to carry around.


  • 16oz. / 475ml
  • Reusable BPA-free tritan plastic bottle
  • User friendly pump system
  • Ideal size for on the go
  • Wide opening
  • Leak proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Universal lid compatible with all SANS bottles

Parts of a sans Water Bottle by sans water

My Experience with It

As soon as I opened the package I knew that I made the right choice. I think the glass one would have been too heavy. Due to the system, it has on the lid to create the void, it is way heavier than a normal plastic water bottle.

I think that the glass version is more for storing your shakes or natural juices at home. It would be crazy to carry around something so heavy all day long.

I first tried the water bottle on a trip to the gym. I love to drink fruit and oats shake after working out. but I usually don’t go back home right after the gym. So I decided to take my new water bottle with me. In the end, I ended up drinking my shake about three hours after preparing it.

I must say, it was a good surprise when I finally took it out of my bag and tasted it. It didn’t have that oxidized taste that natural juice gets if you don’t drink it right away.

I have been using it pretty often since that and it is still working perfectly. You just have to make sure to clean it properly after each use.

Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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