San Martin, Guatemala: From a Bakery to a Chain Restaurant


san martin bakery guatemala

San Martin Is a really popular local chain in Guatemala. So when we say local chain, it’s not like one of those cheesy chains. Today we’re going to be talking about San Martin bakery in Guatemala, a restaurant, and a coffee shop.

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San Martin Bakery

It started off as a small bakery and by far the best bakery in all of Guatemala, especially for bread. They do have desserts as well, but their bread is by far the absolute best. So you could still see just bakery shops all over the country, and they do have their own coffee as well. And what they’ve done is they’ve expanded to restaurants and, interestingly enough, their food is really quite good.

So they used to have only a couple of these restaurants where families would go.  They’re really well known for their salads, their soups obviously stuffed with bread and sandwiches and even pizzas, and they are all over the place.

Local Feeling

Of course with that expansion came a really amazing, delicious array of coffees because they do work with the local coffee farms and vendors. So it’s one of those safe places if you don’t really know where you want to go in Guatemala. And it is very local, it is still locally owned, and it’s great. They have food that can pretty much make everybody happy.


And the coolest thing, the reason why we used to go a lot is they had playgrounds as well. My kids are too old now, but it was a really cool place where you could literally enjoy the day.


They have cocktails, they have really cool different types of cocktails and Guatemalan drinks for you to try.


So this is one of those safe things, but yet tasty and has a real Guatemalan feel to it. Guatemalan coffee, they have even Guatemalan dishes on top of all the others.

So I definitely recommend it. Chances are you will see a San Martin because they are growing really quickly and everywhere. So enjoy it. It’s a wonderful local-style bakery that grew into a chain.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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