San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua: Colorful Beach and Surf City


san juan del sur nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur is the quintessential, adorable surf town in the southern part of Nicaragua. It is truly adorable. It’s located around this beautiful bay that is surrounded by these incredible beaches and is literally known as one of the top surf spots in the world. That’s how popular this place is. Today we’re going to be talking about San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sir has surf camps, surf lessons, and everything you’ll really need. Tons of little cafes and areas. Horseback riding along the beach is also another really popular activity to do there. So this is a great way to get there. You could either fly into Managua Airport or Liberia airport and then drive it’s literally two and a half hours apart or take a shuttle.

The town really blew me away because it is such a cute town with tons of restaurants all along the water, and even the town itself is cute. It’s a definite surfer vibe.

san juan del sur beach boats and a sign


Because of the surfer vibe, it’s also really big into skateboarding. They have a skate park as well. The majority of the activities are really all about the water. There’s a lot of hiking because you could go through these hills that overlook the water, and that’s where the majority of the homes are and a little bit of upper-scale Airbnb. There are beautiful hotels all along the water, right at the bottom, right where the town is as well.

I really recommend visiting San Juan Del Sur. It’s a truly incredible place.

TreeCasa Hotel

There is one particular resort that does not overlook the water, but is located in the actual rainforest itself. It’s called TreeCasa Hotel and it is mindblowing. It’s got pools and tree houses and restaurants. It is half a day of just an incredible time to enjoy. Absolutely beautiful the way they have structured it. I am so impressed with the owner and his vision of bringing this. It’s like a mountain to live with areas, and you could stay there. It’s a hotel as well, with cabins, and there are huge yoga rooms overlooking the entire area as well.

treecasa san juan del sur nicaragua

Even if you’re not staying in the Tree Casa, just visiting there for the day to go there, it’s truly fun, like going to the restaurants and enjoying it’s a beautiful place to spend a day with your family as well. And a lot of times they have family activities, so I would find out about those.

two woman sitting on lounge chair at treecasa hotel san juan del sur guatemala

How Much Time to Spend in San Juan Del Sur?

I definitely recommend staying about two or three days in San Juan del Sur. If not, maybe even extra, especially if you’re surfing. That’s a great place to spend a lot more time.

If you are in Costa Rica or Nicaragua, I have an entire post about how to get to either Costa Rica or Nicaragua by land. So go and listen to that to get a better idea.

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Last Updated on September 30, 2023

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