Top 17 Useful San Jose Travel Tips

The San Jose area is filled with so many great places to visit, fantastic restaurants & luxury hotels. Just coming here and experiencing some of the things it offers is great, but if you want to fully enjoy this place, check out these travel recommendations:

Top 17 Useful San Jose Costa Rica Tips

San Jose Costa Rica Travel Tips

Hotel and Tour Reservations in San Jose

  • If you’re coming for the busy season, it’s crucial for you to have your hotel booked.
  • If you’re coming for Christmas or Easter week reserve them at least one month prior to coming.
  • Make advance car rental reservations if traveling during the high season.

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Is San Jose Costa Rica Safe to visit?

Crime is on the rise in Costa Rica, but it’s still contained to petty theft, pickpockets, and car theft. Although, in recent years, there have become small waves of violent crimes. The majority of the crimes do occur in San Jose with more and more happening in the beach towns, but when you compare to other big cities like Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London the streets here are still safe.

How to be less of a target

  • Keep all your valuables in your hotel safe except for the ones you need.
  • Take only the amount of money you’ll need for the day.
  • Carry a copy of your passport.
  • Lock up your car and don’t leave anything inside to tempt anyone.
  • Don’t walk on badly lit streets alone.
  • Always keep your eyes on your luggage.
  • When walking around, always keep your backpacks, purses, wallets, cameras in front of you so you can see them and feel them all the time.
  • When driving, don’t pull over to help anyone or open windows to talk to anyone.

Places of Higher Risks

  • The Coca-Cola bus terminal (and all bus terminals) are notorious for luggage snatching. Keep your bags at your sides at all times.
  • The financial district, the area between Calle 8 and Calle 13 and the streets surrounding the Banco Central, Plaza de la Cultura, Parque Central, Barrio Amon, and Parque Morazan are also higher crime areas. You should be careful during the daytime and avoid these places altogether between 10 pm and 6a m.

Common Tourist Scams

Someone slashes your tires, you pull over, and friendly civilians come to help out. But in reality, they are the ones who slashed your car, and then steal all your possessions while changing the tires. This is very common, especially in car rental shops by the airport. Check your tires, and buy local theft insurance.


Cash goes a long way in Costa Rica. Where ever you are, remember to ask if there is a discount if you pay cash. I mean everywhere, from pharmacies to restaurants to hotels to souvenir shops.


When you travel during the off-season, you get some benefits. You can get accommodations at discounted prices, tour companies are more willing to lower their prices, and you can even end up on a private tour for the price of a regular tour. So always use that as leverage and reap the rewards!

The Wet Season

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Costa Rica. All it means is that you’ll play outside in the mornings, and sit in the window with a book and a delicious drink through the afternoons of warm rain or enjoy a wet afternoon in the warm rain.

Now that you have these Costa Rica travel tips and if you put them into practice I know your vacation will be a lot smoother. If you have some other please share them so we can all have better vacations.

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Top 17 San Jose Costa Rica Travel Tips | Travel Experta

Last Updated on June 17, 2023

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Thanks for the info! One of my favorite San Jose hotels is The Sainte Claire. Great atmosphere and great hotel specials!

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