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San Francisco To Los Angeles Moving Guide

With its sunny skies, tasty cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and spectacular views — San Francisco has a lot to offer. But with living costs skyrocketing in Golden Gate City, many residents decide it’s time for something different such as heading south to Los Angeles. In comparison, LA’s cost of living comes at 56% less than in San Francisco making your budget stretch much further. Now if you’re already ordering moving services from San Francisco to Los Angeles, here is a list of benefits this relocation is most likely to bring. Read on and happy traveling!

red car on the road and the hollywood sign in los angeles

Benefits of Moving to LA

A much larger city

Moving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles can be an exciting change for anyone. Known for being one of the most bustling cities in the world, LA has all the benefits of a big city. There are endless opportunities and experiences available here, ranging from exciting nightlife to unique cultural attractions and world-class restaurants. It surely has something special in store that will make your move worthwhile.

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Better education

Moving from SF to LA is also beneficial in terms of education. In terms of resources, the schools in LA are generally more well-funded with modern classrooms, current technology, and updated facilities. Teachers also tend to be better prepared for their jobs: many have advanced degrees and specialized training to make sure they offer the best education possible. With smaller class sizes and higher graduation rates, students in LA are more likely to benefit from a quality education than those in SF. It’s no wonder families flock to the former — it provides an unbeatable educational opportunity.

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Lifestyle involving outdoor activities

When it comes to exploring nature and reaping the benefits of spending time in the great outdoors, LA is a clear winner over SF. From stunning beaches to breathtaking hikes through its many stunning parks, the city has an incredible variety of outdoor activities that can’t be matched by other locations. Opportunities such as whale watching, surfing, and swimming make the sunny city a paradise for those who love being outdoors. It’s no wonder why so many people prioritize California’s south coast when they are considering a relocation.

Enjoy tons of entertainment

LA is home to an unbeatable amount of entertainment options. From the beautiful beaches with world-class surfing and bustling nightlife to the incomparable array of museums and galleries showcasing its vibrant culture, there’s something for everyone. And don’t forget its incredible showbiz attractions: movie studios and iconic landmarks such as Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood sign.

The Main Facts About Living in LA

bus and buildings in los angeles

Population Info and Demographics

Los Angeles is a city that never sleeps and its population reflects the diversity of the multicultural city. Approximately 9 million people currently inhabit this urban hub in California. The city also continues to be an economic driver as recent reports suggest it has the 2nd strongest economy in the U.S., following New York City.

The main languages spoken by residents are English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Tagalog, highlighting the vibrant and diverse nature of this bustling metropolis. LA seldom disappoints with its vast array of offerings and unique inhabitants, creating an authentic atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


It’s no surprise that the weather in the city is beautiful: sunny days and balmy nights make for some of the most pleasant conditions year-round. While the place is known for its idyllic beach days, just a short drive away from downtown allows you to find snow-capped mountains to explore and hike in. Whether you’re interested in surf or snow, there’s something perfect to experience on any given day here.


Besides the great weather conditions, the city has something fun to do every day. Many well-known attractions can be found here, including Universal Studios Hollywood, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and more. There are also some lesser-known attractions such as the Getty Center art museum, where you can view stunning pieces from across the world. LA is also home to numerous amusement parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain and a plethora of other recreational spots.


Living and working in LA is an unforgettable experience — the City of Angels has countless employment opportunities sure to delight anyone. From tech and entertainment to small businesses, the possibilities are endless. The city is big on startups and entrepreneurship, so the chances for a bigger bang for your buck are always there! It also boasts plenty of corporate gigs for those looking for more stability in their career path. Working in such a vibrant city comes with a plethora of benefits — you’ll interact with people from different backgrounds and make lasting connections in one of the brightest locations in the world.

Public Transportation

The city boasts a wide array of transit options such as buses, light rail, express trains, and shuttles. These transportation systems provide quick and reliable service to destinations around the place. And with multiple bus lines and stops throughout downtown, public transport in LA makes it convenient for everyone to go from one place to another without depending on their automobile. 


Renting an apartment in Los Angeles is no joke. It can quickly become incredibly expensive and put a big strain on your savings. Finding the perfect place for you at an affordable price can be a daunting task, as high prices paired with the intense competition for rental units means that apartments often go very quickly. Thankfully, there are online resources available to help you find the right balance between quality and budget-friendliness. Besides, if you are willing to live outside of the more central parts of town and focus on areas with a smaller population, you may be able to find deals that won’t break the bank.


The place is home to many popular professional teams, including the LA Lakers and Dodgers. The City of Angels also has a thriving amateur sports scene, with numerous options for recreational athletes of any age. Whether you prefer team sports or individual challenges, there are year-round opportunities to play and compete in everything from basketball and soccer to golf, tennis, and boxing. 

Final Words

To sum it up, planning a transition to the south coast is a great idea! To ensure it all goes smoothly, you will need to hire qualified San Francisco to Los Angeles movers. Look for a reputable San Francisco to Los Angeles moving company that has experience with long-distance moves, such as coast-to-coast or cross-country relocations. With a little research, you will be able to find a company that will help you move smoothly and without stress. Good luck!

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