7 Best San Francisco Bay Area Bike Trails That You Must Try

Two wheels, that is all that you need to have fun in San Francisco Bay Area. Why Bay Area, you ask. Because it has some of the best cycling destinations in the US. It does not matter whether you are an advanced rider or a beginner because the Bay Area has some of the greatest rides for everyone. Just pick one of these comfort bikes of men’s or women’s classic bikes based on your gender and enjoy exploring these beautiful rides in San Francisco Bay Area. Seven of the best bike trails to go through when you visit San Francisco. Take a look at this list of San Francisco Bay Area Bike Trails.

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San Francisco Bay Area bike trail

San Francisco Bay Area Bike Trails

  1. Bicycle Boulevard

Bicycle Boulevard is one of the best ways to see America from saddleback. Ok, granted, you will not see much of America, but at least, you will have a glad time on your bicycle as you cycle from Oakland to Missouri Lounge. The traffic is light, and you do not have to do much looking over your shoulders. Nice, paved bicycle trails and great green scenery on the way will make you feel young and energetic again, making one of the best bike trails in Bay Area. Besides, you will get there alive, you cannot get hit by a car.

  1. San Francisco Bay Trail

If you are looking for a ride that will help you go through the whole Bay Area, then the San Francisco Bay Trail is what you need to set your eyes on, since it’s the best bike trail in Bay Area. Let your eyes feast on the beautiful coastlines, the rolling hills, and the generally flat terrain. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced cyclist, you do not need to keep to the specified bicycle trails, but you can also try other routes like Genoa, King, Webster, West Streets, and many more than they will make your ride more interesting. Be ready for a long cycle route of more than 500 miles.

  1. The Great Highway

The Great Highway Is not called the great ride for anything. It is because of its scenic location right next to the ocean and is very flat, it is best for riders of all levels. This route is meant for cyclists because of the bike path as well as the dirt path where you can ride with the children so that you do not hinder other cyclists. You can set your eyes on Santa Cruz, which is 60 miles away, and enjoy the sea breeze whittling across your hair at terrific speed.

San Francisco Bay Area Bike Trails

  1. Grizzly Peak

This climbing trail will take you to the top of Mount Diablo. It will take a lot of force, but the good thing is that the view at the top is going to be very rewarding. You should start at Claremont Ave in Berkley and then follow the route that will take you to Grizzly Peak Road. You can then go down Skyline Boulevard which is a bit easier on the pedals or, better yet, you can go down Wildcat Canyon Road if you feel up to the challenge, a great bike trail in the bay area if you’re up for a challenge. Be ready for sharp turns and sharp descents.

San Francisco Bay Area Bike Trails

  1. Mount Diablo

This is a very challenging ride, and it is only recommended for advanced cyclists. The elevation is no joke with about 3849 feet where you will encounter many switchbacks until you get to the top. As you get to the last 800 feet, there is a gradient increase of up to 17 percent. This can be quite steep, especially when coming down because you will feel ready to flip over your handlebars, but it can be nasty so do not do it. This is a hot trail in summer so you need to bring a lot of water with you.

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  1. Folsom and Howard Sts

This easy route is recommended for everyone (If you are looking for an easy route that you can cycle that starts at Mission and ends at SoMa, this is it. Just ride there to have coffee or a drink at the bar, or just for kicks. Mostly it is a one-way street, which many cyclists love because there is less danger to contend with from the cars.

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  1. Oakland Hills

This cycling route is full of wonderful views, and the ride starts at Butters Road heading to Three Bears, Pinehurst Road, Skyline Road or you can also head to Joaquin Miller Park. Because this is a mountain ride, you want to look for the easiest ride, but since there are mountains, this is not very easy for you and that is why you should choose the softest route for you. Start at the Butters Road which has easier traffic, go to Redwood Road and then climb the Pinehurst Road and climb to Skyline. From the top, you will see great views, and you will be thankful you made the ride.

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