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Samsara Restaurant, Antigua: Best Option for Vegan Food


Samsara Restaurant, Antigua: Best Option for Vegan Food

samsara antigua guatemala
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Today we’re gonna be talking about Samsara restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

Samsara is the original first true vegan restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala. Today, there are several more, like Once Once. Make sure you go and listen to that podcast. So there are several. However, Samsara is the original. Samsara’s flavors are really unique.

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Samsara Restaurant, Antigua

It’s got that Indian flair to it and even the Arabic flair to it. So it’s like a fusion. It’s not very specific, just Indian or Arabic. It’s got that fusion. Likewise, it’s a unique style, restaurant flavorful, and it’s a lovely experience.

Live Music

They often have live music, which is usually like one musician or Indian style. It’s a lovely experience. They don’t have a lot of tables, so make sure that I’m not sure if you could make reservations, but they only have maybe like six tables in total. It’s an interesting place. The flavors are great.

They’re usually open from lunch all the way to dinner, so you can go and experience it there.

The cool thing about the restaurant is you could be there for the experience, but also you could buy a lot of the food to go right there.

samsara restaurant antigua guatemala
Source: Samsara Facebook

Frozen Food

They also have a lot of stuff like frozen that you could just take home with you and not wait. Obviously, every restaurant has a to-go menu, but in this case, they already have stuff, and they have really cool vegan desserts, which a lot of places don’t have really yummy vegan desserts. So it is an interesting place.

It is super affordable. They have these beautiful platters where you can taste different styles of tastings as well, especially for appetizers.


Samsung has that hippyish bohemian style to it overall, and it’s an interesting experience. I really recommend tasting it and checking it out, especially if you are into vegan-style restaurants, which, by the way, I recommend even if you’re not vegan because your flavors are so well put together.

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