Guatemala’s Salvaje Restaurant – An Experience to be Had


Guatemala’s Salvaje Restaurant Review – An Experience to be Had

a couple sitting around a table at salvaje restaurante chain in guatemala

I put a question on Facebook, where are some cool restaurant experiences? I am tired of just going to expensive restaurants or cheap restaurants just for the food. I need the experience because I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really matter if you’re going to expensive or cheap restaurants, the food really varies with whoever is cooking. And I’ve been to super expensive restaurants where the food was beyond mediocre and bland and gross versus the little hole-in-the-wall restaurants where the food was really great, and it even gave a bit of an experience. That’s how I ended up visiting Salvaje restaurant, an international chain, and it is incredible.

Salvaje Restaurant Chain

I wanted something different. I wanted an experience, and one of the places that popped up in Guatemala was Salvaje Restaurant. Interestingly enough, it is a chain that is worldwide. There are around ten different restaurants. If you are interested in checking it out, go to their website. I’ll put it in the resource section and go and check it out because it’s really cool.

a dish form salvaje restaurant

Salvaje Restaurant in Guatemala

The one in Guatemala, it’s all Asian fusion like Japanese. Because they do have an entire sushi menu, and then they have a menu that is kind of all over the place. But it’s supposed to kind of bring more Asian than anything else. However, I don’t know what restaurants internationally look like, and if you get to choose the way you want your restaurant to look. But the one in Guatemala is incredibly ornate, decadent, and definitely over the top. It’s really cool in a beautiful way, even though you’re looking at it if you look at it in each item separately, you’d be like, oh, this is kind of weird. 

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to those stores where they sell all those really weird big animal gaudy statues, really weird looking things that just like, who would ever buy this? Well, the people at Salvaje in Guatemala, did.

And they somehow managed to place them properly throughout the restaurant. So it’s really cool. But it is very decadent as well. It’s stylish, it looks expensive, and it feels expensive. It’s definitely not a cheap restaurant. 

woman smiling happy with a dish at salvaje restaurant guatemala


What they’re known for other than their food and their sushi are their cocktails. I do have to say every time I go to different places, I want to make little recommendations. The recommendation I would give the restaurant is to put the images of the cocktails and even the dishes on the menu because that is what they’re known for.

You’re kind of just guessing what you are going to be ordering. I don’t know the reasoning behind why they don’t do that. That’s not for me to say. So my recommendation to the restaurant, if you’re going to be listening, put those images there.


You guys who are going to be visiting, ask them to explain which of the cocktails are the really cool ones. You could go to my website on the actual post that I’ll be writing about, and you could see each of the cocktails that we ordered. We ended up ordering three because I like them more on the sweeter side, but they have a whole list, but five are the really ornate, cool style ones. So make sure you go and check that out and just to see and ask them. 

Not Vegan Friendly

Since we are vegetarian, the majority of the restaurant’s menu is not vegetarian. We got this fascinating grilled avocado. It’s super cool because they actually bring it to you. Grilling it right in front of you. And it’s done really well. It’s not just an avocado, it is very flavorful. 

And we also got this cauliflower. I don’t even know what it is, but it’s also steaming right in front of us. It was really delicious. And because of the limitation of vegetarians, we did go out and get some shrimp, and it was good. It was tasty. 

grilled avocado at salvaje restaurante guatemala

The Dessert

But what really got us was their pastries. The dessert. They have an amazing dessert menu. I recommend it if you are not huge dessert eaters because we’re not huge eaters. We weren’t totally full after having two little veggie dishes and the shrimp to save room for the dessert. That dessert was fantastic. My husband got the chocolate. Anywhere we go in the world, it’s all about chocolate for him. And for me, I got the Tres leches, which are the three milks with the coconut, and the Dulce de leche ice cream.

It was amazing and it was big. It was massive. Normally you go to different restaurants and the pastries are quite small. This one was almost like a meal in itself anyway

woman eating a dessert at salvaje restaurant in guatemala

The Experience

The experience part of the restaurant is that they have a DJ and every ten minutes, all of a sudden the DJ cranks up the music, and it’s good music. And there are these dancers that go Salvaje. So if you don’t know what Salvaje means, Salvaje literally means wild. So that’s like the whole place is kind of wild. And they have these dancers doing these awesome dances. And they’re really good dancers. They’re not cheesy. They’re talented dancers. I don’t know if they do night gigs somewhere else, but they were good. 

It really just adds to the show of the place and the fun of the place. We went during the day. They’re actually open from morning till evening, which is kind of cool. A lot of restaurants aren’t open for lunch that has these cool experiences.

a dancer at the salvaje restaurant guatemala

The restaurant was relatively empty, which made it even better because we got to see the show firsthand. We don’t enjoy going to a place which is really full, so it was kind of our place and the point of the experience is that we spent almost 3 hours there really enjoying the cocktails, the starters or the Entradas as they are called here. We did get one main dish which was the shrimp and then the pastry, so it was a really enjoyable afternoon for us. 

If you guys have a chance to visit a Salvaje restaurant wherever part of the world you’re visiting, I really recommend it. They are pretty fun. I’m sure they have a similar theme going on. The menus are definitely similar.

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