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Top 4 Places for Sailing in France

We all know that going to France has to involve spending at least a couple of days in Paris. It is one of the most iconic cities in the world. Then there are other awesome places to visit such as Champagne, Mont St-Michel in Normandy, doing a tour of Du Mont Blanc and sailing along the Mediterranean coast by charter a luxury yacht.Four of the best places in France to go out sailing.Check out this article to learn all about sailing in France.

Sailing in France

France’s Mediterranean coast has tons of Marinas. This means that you can easily access a yacht to check out the coastline and its historical towns.

Where to Go Sailing in France

The Pyrenees – It is formed by the strip of coast line that goes from the Spanish border to Collioure. This is a rugged shoreline and five small harbors. The gorgeous views make it a special place and there are tons of yachts available in the region.

Sailing in France

Marseille – This reason makes an amazing base for exploring inland. It is also home to two moderately sized marina-ports and two shallow ports, only suitable for small boats. The major Marseille marina complex, therefore where you are most likely to find some charter, L’Estaque is full of local boats.

St Tropez – Yes, this is an expensive place to visit. But it is worth coming for a visit if you want to check out their marina. The main places to visit around there are the old harbor and the old town. However, don’t think about coming here during the high season, aside from high prices you also find large crowds, o try the off season.

Monaco – When you come here the first thing you will hear about is Port de Monaco, (Port de la Condomine), but it is too tight and extremely expensive, but the beauty of the region is worth it so I would recommend checking out Fonvielle, it is also expensive but not as much. There is also the Vieux Port which is also a good option.

I am aware that there are tons of ports and marinas in the region and I could never mention them all in one post but these are just a few of the ones I think are best.

Have you ever been to the region? Which were your favorite?

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