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Sail the Sea around the West Indies

Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, Barbados… So many places that get us dreaming about time off, under the sun. You could be lying on a beach while enjoying tropical drinks, without any thoughts about work. But you can do even better: You can travel around all these wonderful islands by chartering a catamaran. Sail the Sea around the West Indies will make your dreams filled with warmth when you go to bed. Here are places to visit in West Indies.

Sail the Sea around the West Indies
  1. Why should you charter a Catamaran?

The very first reason is that life is short, and you should be living new adventures; not repeating the same ones, over and over again. You can visit as many islands as you want, but if you always travel the same way, they will end-up looking all alike. When you choose to spend your week on a catamaran, you will discover an entirely new way to discover the world, which will be as far away from what you’ve previously lived, that you can imagine. That is why you should charter a catamaran in Antilles.

The second most important reason is freedom. When you travel by sea, a whole world of possibility opens-up to you. You hadn’t planned on visiting Guadeloupe, but met new friends that told you, this is the place to go? Revisit your route and head there the next day! That is how free you will be, when you decide to stay on a catamaran, for your next West Indies trip. And now, let’s take a look at a few islands “not to be missed.”

  1. ST. LUCIE

You want to get that unique coast town vibe? The one you see in so many American movies, where everybody seems to relax and to enjoy life at another level? Then St. Lucie is where you need to head first. In Fort Pierce, this feeling will be particularly strong, as you will still be able to recall its past as a fishing village and a cattle ranching town. Then, in Port St. Lucie, you will find yourself brought back to memories of a small city in the state of Florida, with its beautiful golf course and quaint boutiques.


Want to spend some time on the beach, letting the sound of the wave carry your mind away, while you are getting a tan? Then head to one of the best beaches in the West Indies, in Grenada. Grande Anse, is nothing less than three kilometers of white sand and turquoise water. You’ll be able to eat a great lunch near the beach at one of the many restaurants. Then grab a cool one, as the evening starts settling in. All in all, you’ll feel completely rested when you decide to go back to sea.


Take a train ride across the island, by jumping on board of the St. Kitts Scenic Railway. Thanks to a circuit of close to 30 kilometers of railways and 20 more that you will get to spend on a bus, you will do a whole tour of the island and discover the importance of sugar in its economy. Furthermore, you will have many photo opportunities, from nature to sea shores.

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