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Sail Away to Nature with The Akaroa Cruise Excursions

A number of tourists come to New Zealand during the summers to enjoy its breathtaking views, sunny beaches and mystical splendor. Akaroa is one of the famous tourist destinations during this time of year owing to these very reasons. One of the best ways to explore the land of Akaroa in the summer is through a relaxing cruise. A number of locals and tourists come here to enjoy the magic of the cool blue waters and the picturesque surroundings. Some of the famous cruise tours in Akaroa include.Akaroa is offering cruise excursions where you also enjoy nature and wildlife. Look at this three of their top cruises for nature lovers.

Akaroa Cruise Excursions
Photo by: Andrea Schaffer

Sail with The Akaroa Cruise Excursions

Akaroa Wildlife Sailing Cruise

If you are a fan of sailing, you will thoroughly enjoy gliding along the water in the timeless beauty of a large and graceful yacht. The hand-built ships ensure zero noise, smell or pollution to completely avoid harming the wildlife. In fact, the peace and quiet of the ship will help you hear the sounds of the dolphins before you actually see them! While on the cruise, you can also enjoy an intimate yet humor-filled storytelling session. The subtlety and lavishness of the cruise is a must for those looking for an elegant sailing experience.

Akaroa Harbor Nature Cruise

The tourism award winning nature cruises at Akaroa will make your cruising experience an outstanding one. The large comfortable catamaran offers complimentary tea and coffee along with a postcard to send to your family and friends. On your journey, you can see the Volcanic Cathedral Cave, seals, dolphins, penguins and many more natural wonders. If you don’t see any dolphins during your cruise, the company lets you come back for free!

Akaroa Dolphins Cruise

If you are fascinated by dolphins, then you are in for a wonderful surprise on this cruise. You get to see some of the world’s rarest and smallest dolphins, the Hector’s dolphins. Listen to the heritage stories by your host while enjoying the complimentary wine and home-baked fare. For history enthusiasts, the cruise also offers tales of Maori culture, colonial history and the Banks of Peninsula’s geology. The Akaroa Dolphins Cruise is certified for its excellence and is known for its quality cruises and impeccable views.

If Akaroa cruises have been on your bucket list for a while, then now is the time to finally book one. Set sail into the sunset amidst natural waters and amazing wildlife. You can get a car rental from Christchurch airport and drive to Akaroa to begin your journey of adventure. Don’t miss seeing the world’s finest dolphins and other wild animals on your harbor cruise trip!

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