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Safety Tips When Traveling Solo

Travel is the spice of life. It is a wonderful feeling to step off an airplane on to new soil. Everything feels deliciously different: the weather, the people, and even the scents in the air. It is an exciting time, one to savoir and enjoy, especially if you are traveling alone. However, whilst solo travel is good for the soul, you need to pay extra attention to personal safety. Here are some tips to keep you safe and prevent anything disastrous from happening while you are exploring new and exciting corners of our wonderful planet.Traveling solo can be a fulfilling yet dangerous and intimidating experience, but there are 6 things you can do to make it safer.

Safety Tips When Travelling Solo
Photo by: Rajarshi MITRA

Safety Tips When Traveling Solo

Keep Your Belongings Safe When Traveling Solo

Traveling with friends means you can keep a close eye on each other’s belongings. Traveling alone is a different matter, so you will need a safe and secure piece of luggage. A wheeled suitcase with a secure lock from is a good choice, as it will be easy to man-oeuvre through airports and on public transport. For short trips, consider packing your belongings in a small rucksack, so you are free to move fast if you need to escape a tricky situation.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Pay close attention to your surroundings when traveling alone. The more aware you are of what is happening around you, the easier it will be to avoid any troublesome situations. Pickpockets work using distraction techniques and sexual predators are just as likely to attack in a crowded market as they are in a deserted street late at night. By all means enjoy the glorious scenery, but keep your ‘spider sense’ on high alert.

Act with Confidence When Traveling Solo

Confidence is important. Nervous, lost people attract the attention of unsavory types, so pretend to help while robbing you blind. Always act as if you know exactly where you are going, even if you don’t. If people offer to help, keep an open mind whilst keeping your guard up.

Don’t Be a Tourist

Never look like a tourist if you can help it. You are less likely to be targeted by scammers and opportunistic types if you dress like a native and leave the guide books at the hotel. Wandering around with a map in one hand and a guidebook in the other marks you out as a tourist. Act confidently and you should stay out of trouble.

Ditch the Expensive Gadgets and Jewellery

Wandering around with a £1k camera, an iPad and a wrist dripping in gold jewellery is a bit like wearing a sign saying ‘ROB ME’. By all take these things with you when traveling solo, but don’t flaunt them, particularly in poorer countries, unless you have excellent insurance coverage.

Keep in Touch with Friends and Family

Always let friends and family know your travel itinerary and arrange to keep in touch at least once a day so they can alert the authorities quickly if something goes wrong.

Traveling solo is fun, but only if you pay close attention to personal safety. Be sensible and never put yourself unnecessarily in danger by drinking to excess or hooking up with unsavory types.

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