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Rwanda Travel Guide – Top 3 Things to Do in It

If you are planning a trip to Africa, the country of Rwanda may be a place that you would want to visit. This beautiful country is home to numerous natural wonders, and one of these is the Akagera River Basin which is a very popular tourist destination. Explore Rwanda fully yourself!Rwanda Travel Guide to learn all about the top three places to visit in the country and visa information.Look at this Rwanda Travel Guide.

Read on to learn all about the necessary e-Visa permits to Rwanda, how to obtain one, and what are the best places to visit while on your travel!

Rwanda Travel Guide

e-Visa to Rwanda

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3 must see places in Rwanda


Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, and its biggest city. It is situated on a hilltop on the river Kalanga, which flows through the country’s Central Province. It is situated around seventy kilometers from the city of Mbanda and ninety-two kilometers from Kigali airport.

The town has been named after a famous Kigali merchant, who founded the city as a trading center during the nineteenth century. Today, Kigali is one of the world’s major sources of coffee beans, and the main center for the artisanal coffee industry in the country.

If you have been interested in a city tour to this city, it is important to book your tickets well in advance. The city is popular among international tourists but as a tourist destination it is not always crowded and it offers an authentic African experience, as opposed to a typical urban experience. Kigali has some of the best shopping areas in Africa, especially among the traditional craftsmen.


Huye was one of the districts that made up the capital city of Rwanda. The city is named after the famous German politician Maximilian von Habsburg and it is also the largest city in the province. It is also considered the cultural capital of Southern Province. Huye is also one of the oldest districts in Southern Province.

The area was devastated during the 1994 genocide that killed thousands of Tutsis. It is now one of the most beautiful districts in Zambia and has been rebuilt and refurbished since the genocide. You can hear some great old tales from the the old Tutsi monarchs.

Visit the National Museum of Rwanda and explore the city, where the National University, and numerous other tourist attractions are located!

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park in Northern Rwanda is an exciting park to visit. It includes all of the volcanoes on the East side of the Virunga mountains, namely: Karisimbi, Baitali, Muhabura and Sabyinyo, and the Eastern side of the Kibale National Park.

 In addition to these, it has a number of other important locations, which make this park one of the most beautiful and spectacular places to visit. There is a number of activities that you can enjoy during your stay here, including:

  • trekking,
  • bird watching,
  • swimming,
  •  and hiking.

You can visit the VHB’s main headquarters, which is located on the top of the mountain. However, it is not advisable to climb the mountain at night or when the cloud cover is high.

Final Words

Explore Rwanda fully with an e-Visa to Rwanda for some stress free traveling experience! Make sure to visit all of the tourist destinations, including those mentioned, and pack well. Make your dream trip come true!

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