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A Guide To Planning Your RVing Camping in Europe Adventure

RV Camping Europe? Well, here’s what happened. One day we got the idea in our heads that we wanted to go to Europe, spend as long as possible and see as many countries as possible.

Once planted, the idea blossomed. A “what if” moment led to discussion, then to research and weighing options. And ultimately to a plan for our excellent adventure RV family camping in Europe.

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A Guide To Planning Your RV Camping in Europe Adventure

We learned a few things along the way. About how to travel, when to go, where to go. What you need to know ahead of time. How to find new RVs for sale in Europe and get discounts. What to expect.

Our experiences just might be a starting point for your own dreams. Certainly, we found that anticipation and planning are all part of the adventure.

Mode of Travel: Why RV Camping Europe?

Originally, we figured our most economical choice would be to train travel and budget accommodations. So we started our research on various Eurorail passes and similar programs. It was not as cheap as we thought, and it seemed it might be rather tedious to figure out how to get around, make connections, and so on. Especially given the amount of territory we wanted to cover.

And since part of our vision was to travel in the countryside in addition to major cities, we soon concluded that train travel would not be as flexible as we would like. So we put that idea aside and started thinking about driving.

Sidebar: We don’t mean to suggest that train travel is not a good way to go. There is a lot to be said for it, not the least of which is the eco-friendliness of mass transportation. We just decided early on that if we were going to spend the money on an extended European trip, train travel was not our personal preference.

A Guide To Planning Your RV Camping in Europe Adventure

And by the way, we never considered cycling as an option either. We like to take a leisurely bicycle ride and can manage a 20-30 mile ride, but we just couldn’t see ourselves doing a European tour via our own pedal power.

So next we considered options for driving a rented car vs. a rented motorhome/camper (and that helped to avoid a budget on tent rentals). We actually ruled out the motorhome a few times, since it seemed way too expensive to pay rental costs plus fuel and campgrounds. We were back and forth many times on this topic before we ultimately chose to go with RV camping Europe.

The main reasons we chose RV travel for our Europe trip:

● Flexibility to go where we wanted when we wanted.
● Not having to keep moving luggage into and out of vehicles and lodging.
● The experience of RVing in Europe. As full-time RVers in the USA, it intrigued us to try out RV family camping trip.
● Ability to buy local products and prepare meals. We hoped we could save a few Euros by eating some meals at home. We also found it very appealing to go to outdoor markets, local grocers, and supermarkets in different countries.
● Idealistically, perhaps, we justified the expense of motor home travel with the hope that we might find cheap places to overnight as we traveled.

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