Rusty Pelican, Biscayne Key: Upscale Waterfront Dining in Miami


dinning rusty pelican miami biscayne key

Today we’re going to be talking about the Rusty Pelican restaurant in Miami, Florida. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

I wanted to take my parents out to somewhere really beautiful on the water, but I don’t really know Miami.  Been there only a few times, and actually, I have quite a few podcasts about what to do in Miami, areas to see, but actual restaurants… that was something that I really wanted to do, something special for my father’s upcoming birthday and me visiting with them. So I did have a criteria that I wanted to be on the water. I really love marinas and yacht clubs, so that would have been a big perk if that was the case. So I began looking for all these different restaurants and one of them just kind of fit the bill. But it’s a little bit hard to really tell if that’s exactly what you want by looking on the internet.

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However, I decided to just go with it.

rusty pelican miami restaurant

Biscayne Key

The restaurant I chose was the Rusty Pelican in Miami, and I knew that it was on Biscayne Key. I’ve never been to Biscayne Key, so I figured, okay, that’s going to be a new cool place to visit as well. So as we’re driving to the restaurant, all of a sudden we have to cross this massive beautiful bridge, and it’s literally interlinking keys with Miami mainland. It is absolutely breathtaking.

The bridge is probably like 2 miles, if not more, over the water. And we arrive at this key and all it is this super narrow key with this beautiful beach and bike paths and just all these outdoor things on one end and the marina and the restaurant on the other end. So right away we knew that we hit the jackpot. So we decided to drive along and check out the beach area.

There’s also that you could rent bikes or bring your own bikes or just go running. It’s just absolutely magnificent. It’s 100% municipality, so it’s all free to use as well. Then we finally head over to the Rusty Pelican itself.

outdoor rusty pelican biscayne key miami

Rusty Pelican Miami

Rusty Pelican is located in a part of the marina. You do need to pay when you arrive at the restaurant. So the restaurant is at the end of the marina, and it’s completely surrounded by these boats. The restaurant is very upper-class. So this is not a mid-range restaurant.

It is definitely in the higher echelon for paying. It’s one of the most popular event places. Not only that, but it’s completely on the waterfront.


So it’s fascinating because you’re right there, and you can only park with valet parking.  I don’t know if you know what a valet is. They take your car and they park it for you. So when you’re ready to get it, they bring it to you.  So the guy is like, do you want to park your valet in front of the restaurant? It was $20. Or do you want to go a few rows in and it’s only $8? I’m like, Aren’t you bringing it to me? He’s like, yes. I’m like, what do I care? For sure, the $8. Do I want to show off my car? And that’s the kind of place Miami is. $20 to show off your car.  $8 three rows away from showing off your car.

This is something that I’ve spotted in Miami. Miami is such a showplace. It’s just so materialistic in so many ways. But you know, when you go to Miami, that’s something you just got to deal with because I remember when we were in South Beach, they have like all these hotels and restaurants, and you have to pay like super extra just to park your Ferrari or your Bentley or your Lamborghini in front so everybody could see it. To me, it’s really nauseating, but it is what it is. And the same goes here.

view from rusty pelican restaurant miami

The Restaurant

The restaurant is enormous. I mean enormous. And we’re not even talking about where they hold the actual events. This is just the restaurant itself. You enter, there’s a huge lobby, and in our case, you definitely need a reservation. I’m sure you could walk in, but I recommend a reservation. It’s just that much easier. They are known to have thousands of wines, and there are just wine cellars after wine cellars.

And to the right of you is this huge room indoors. Yes. You have glass all around that you could see the water everywhere. And to the left is another huge indoor room. But it’s more of like the bar area as well, with glass surrounding it. And then you could go outside. We really wanted to spend time outside. And they have this amazing huge area for the tables to be outside seating. So I recommend that if it’s not too hot, you’re completely in the shade, so the sun will never totally hit you. Just sit outdoors.

The view there is just breathtaking. It’s spectacular.

miami view from rusty pelican miami biscayne key

Food and Prices

The restaurant is known for its seafood, but they have a wide array of food. And as I mentioned earlier, it is not a mid-range restaurant. It’s definitely an upper-range restaurant. Appetizers begin from around $15 to $20, and the meals go on to, you know, the sky’s the limit. They have all that you would want to choose from. Obviously, seafood is their main specialty. So if you have a chance to really enjoy a day and experience, I really recommend this restaurant. The food is good. It’s just an experience. The scenery, the food, the drinks, the location, everything. So go there. Enjoy it as casual wear, even though it is upper-scale dining.

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023

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