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Running Shoes for Women that Really Make a Difference

Here’s the thing, I have severe knee issues. So bad, that I have problems walking up and down my own stairs of my house.

That’s what years of being a fitness instructor and even more years of skiing semi-pro can do to you.

For the past 1.5 years, instead of continuing my fitness passion, I’ve been busy practicing my sitting-at-my-computer exercise too concerned if I do anything it will make my knees hurt even more.

One thing I have been doing, while feeling sorry for myself, is researching different shoes to offset the pain. I mean, come on, we’re in the age of fitness where every ailment can be worked with.

And that’s kind of how I stumbled upon – ASICS

I’ve heard of them before, but until you really NEED to get good shoes, did I actually do research.

Since it’s hard to tell how great they work off their website, I decided to go nuts and get three different shoes to try out.

Running Shoes for Women by ASICS 

1. The Roadhawk FF2

No idea where that name came from – What I loved most about the description here was –  they are smoother, speedier and have a more protected stride, even at a faster pace, these running shoes combine technologies that promise reliable comfort and style.Running Shoes for Women roadhawk
I also loved the color!

2. Gel – Cumulus 20

Here are the features that stood out for me –  increased landing surface to accommodate every foot strike, produces a gentler, more comfortable ride as you look to run further and smoother heel-to-toe movement.
Running Shoes for Women gel cumulus 20

3. Gel – Kayano 25 

THIS IS THE WINNER FOR MESo when I got this shoe, I was really conflicted. The main reason, it’s quite different as it has a really hard back. Something I never tried before.But when I read about it, and the features such as:
FLYTEFOAM® technology employs organic super fibers that resist compression, providing enduring bounce on even the longest runs. The signature GEL® technology minimizes impact and protects your joints.

I knew I had to try it.

Running Shoes for Women gel kayano
And the reality is, these are great Running Shoes for Women. And has been the one I have been using more. Sometimes the different style will be the one that surprises you the most!

There are so many different budget running shoes to choose from that are great!

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Running Shoes for Women that Really Make a Difference

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