Aleader Running Shoes for Women – Light, Easy Slip On and Quick Drying

I am a fitness fanatic and have done aerobics, spinning, or weight training all my life. Despite regular exercise, I had never tried running because it was always eluding me for many reasons-until now! When I finally decided to give it a try this past week with the help of plyometrics shoes that provide an explosive push off the ground when you run as well as arch support that helped reduce soreness in my feet after workouts; suddenly there were no longer any more excuses not to start jogging.

I used to think these would only be helpful if you are already incredibly fit, but turns out they really do make your workout much easier on both body AND mind by giving runners powerful leg muscles without adding too much additional stress.

However, once I started my prep work for the marathon, I realized how terrible my sneakers are and went on a quest to find a new pair of lightweight running shoes.

I’m a big fan of small companies. Not the huge conglomerates and corporation-run fitness brands.  They have a place for me as well, but only after I can not find a suitable company that is small, and customer service still reigns above all else.

Rummaging through Amazon’s selections, I found Aleader.

Running Shoes for Women - Quick Dry easy to slip on

Aleader Shoes Review

They have a pretty large selection for a smaller company. But what attracted me most was the fact that most of their shoes are quick-dry and super light.

And don’t even get me started on how well priced they are compared to the other brands offering similar styles and materials.

I contacted the company to see if they can recommend me anything in particular and was impressed by how quickly they responded with some ideas.

Instead of only getting one pair, which was my initial goal. I ended up getting two.

  1. Women’s Hydro Lite-Knit Running Shoes
  2. Women’s Lightweight Mesh Sport Running Shoes

Women's Lightweight Mesh Sport Running Shoes

The idea was only for the lightweight mesh style, but I simply couldn’t resist the hydro element.

Living in Guatemala rainfalls happen. And during the wet season, more often right when I’m out training.

Coming home with soaked shoes makes the experience that much more unenjoyable. So having quick-dry shoes makes such a difference.

And, can we talk about the lightness?

They are super light and once on feel like slippers.

Quick Dry Running Shoes for Women – Aleader Style

(Quick and FUN Video Review)

Contact Information

The best place to find them is in their Amazon store. But they have great deals that you can check out via their Facebook: Aleadershoes

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Last Updated on May 10, 2023

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