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Indulge in the Classic Beauty of the Roman Architecture on Your Roman Holiday

A Roman holiday is a great way to relax and enjoy the historic beauty of the city. You might need to plan your itinerary properly if you do not want to tire yourselves out and want to make the most of your vacation.If you are interested in architecture, you will love going Roman holiday.This is home of the interesting buildings of the ancient world.

Roman Holiday

Indulge in the Classic Beauty of the Roman Architecture on Your Roman Holiday

Discover the City of Rome with Bike Tours

Rome can be pretty crowded during peak season. Tourists from all around the world come to visit this lovely city. Getting taxis and cars to travel to the famous landmarks can take a lot of time. Renting bikes is a great way of knowing the city better.

Getting around the streets of Rome on a bike has its own advantage. Firstly, you need not have to wait in long queue to get a taxi. You have free access to all the streets and squares in Rome. You need not have to look for parking space and walk long distance to the destination.

When you get to Rome, you can opt for Rome bike tours, offered by companies such as TopBike Rental and Tours located in Via Labicana, Rome. They have skilled and professional staffs that will offer you bike tours allowing you to visit famous landmarks and monuments. You can even opt for a private tour, but you might need to reserve in advance.

Benefits of Traveling with Bikes

When on vacation, we tend to give importance to checking out the famous landmarks rather than enjoying ourselves. Renting bikes is a great way to chill and check out locations at own pace. Some of the benefits of renting bikes include:

  • Riding bikes helps you stay fit and healthy
  • You are in no rush to enjoy the beauty of Rome
  • You can create wonderful memories to take back with you home
  • If you are passing by some scenic landscapes, you can take some time out and enjoy the view
  • You will also feel rejuvenated and refreshed

Make your Vacation a Magical Experience with These Mesmerizing Landmarks

If you are traveling solo or with loved ones, you definitely do not want to miss out of the famous landmarks and monuments. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit these famous tourist attractions and you might want to make most of this opportunity.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in this city when traveling in Italy include:

  • Cimitero Acattolico – Known as the Protestant Crematory, is a resting place of famous diplomats, artists and writers
  • Ara Pacis – This is one of the most magnificent monuments in Rome. This was built between 13 and 9 B.C as a sign of peace in the Mediterranean.
  • Appia Antica – This is one of the oldest roads in Rome and was used as a means for transporting troops in ancient times.
  • Welcome to Rome – This is a multimedia experience that takes you to the history of Rome through video projections
  • Gianicolo – Popularly known as the Seven Hills, wherein you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city
  • Complesso del Vittoriano – This is an exhibition space that was designed in the memory of Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy, the first King of Italy
  • Capitoline Museums – The museums house various art galleries on the Capitoline Hill in Rome
  • Stadio Olimpico – This is one of the largest sports facilities in Rome
  • Castel Sant’Angelo – This was built as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian and houses various paintings and sculptures
  • Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana – This is also called as the Square Colosseum and is known for its symmetrical rows of 126 arches
  • Domus Aurea – Also known as the Golden House, allows you to discover the ancient residence of Emperor Nero
  • Galleria Colonna – This is a palace that houses one of the best art collections in the world acquired after the Renaissance period
  • Testaccio Market – To catch a glimpse of the Roman lifestyle, you would definitely want to visit Testaccio Market and check out the stalls and gobble up some delicious street food.
  • Colosseum – This is one of the largest amphitheatres that take you back in times where naval battles and gladiator battles took place

Spend Time Exploring on your Own

In addition to checking out the famous tourist attractions, you can even do some exploring on your own. Take your bike and stroll on the longest and oldest streets of Rome. You can even check out the escape corridor of the Pope at Il Passetto di Borgo.

You can even check out the St Peter’s Dome that gives out an optical illusion to people. Afar it looks to be big, but the closer you get the smaller it becomes. Do not forget to check out the Circular Church in Rome, The Three-Tiered Building at St Clement Basilica, Santo Stefano Rotondo, and The Thermal Baths of Caracalla.


Fall in love with this beautiful city and learn about its rich culture and heritage. You definitely not be disappointed with what this fabulous city has to offer.

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