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Rolling A Joint: What Is The Process And Things To Keep In Mind

Having a good joint while starting your smoking session is essential for a memorable experience. A lousy joint can cause hassles, and nobody wants that when the main aim is to relax. 

Knowing how to roll a joint is essential when you want to ensure a good experience. While it might not seem super complicated, knowing the basics can take you long. The following article explains the process of rolling a joint and what you should keep in mind:

What is the Process?

Rolling a joint is quite simple, but you have to ensure that all aspects are ingrained in your mind before you start. There are five simple steps to rolling a joint:

  • Grind the herb mixture
  • Roll your filter tip
  • Spread the mixture evenly on your rolling paper
  • Start tucking the paper and roll the paper slowly
  • Lick the sticky part and start sticking the paper

Once you have finished doing these five steps, you should have your rolled joint ready. 

Practice Makes Perfect

When you’re making a joint for the first time, you might get disappointed thinking it looks nothing like what you’ve seen at stores or online. Getting a perfect joint on your first go is extremely challenging, and it might just be beginner’s luck.

Remember that the more you get used to rolling joints, the better they will turn out over time. You shouldn’t expect your first few joints to be perfect, but they will achieve the shape and size you’re looking for overtime. 

Know What You Want

While all joints might look the same, that’s not really the case. You can have fat, slim, short, long, and more types of joints. The type of herb you are mixing in the joint can also determine its appearance once you are done rolling it. 

Knowing what kind of joint you want to roll can make a significant difference in how it turns out. You can envision the perfect joint in your head, and automatically your hands will try to recreate what you have thought of. Ensure that you have the joint you want when you decide beforehand what it should be. 

Have All the Tools Ready

Nothing can hamper your joint-making process more than not having everything ready. You need to gather all the tools you will require to make the joint before starting. Not having them means you have to leave your joint halfway done and waste time.

Some tools you might require are:

Depending on what type of joint you’re looking to make, you might need other things too. Just make sure you have them all in front of you and ready to be grabbed when you start making your joint. 

Get Help From Friends

If you can’t make a perfect joint, no matter how much you try, it’s time to take some help! Your friends might have more experience or knowledge when making joints, and you should take advantage of that.

When your friends show you little tricks and tips to make joints, the process can go by faster and easier. Take these tips when you want to know how to roll a joint and make the best of it. 

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