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Rollin’ on the River: The Best River Cruise Lines of 2020

Setting the standard for the best river cruising experience, explore the top-rated river cruise lines to explore some of the best waterways.Nine river cruise lines that you can enjoy during this year.Discover what these experiences are of best river cruise lines.

When we think of taking a cruise, the fantasy usually pertains to a large ship with a water slide, waiting to whisk us away somewhere exotic. People often forget that there’s another type of cruise waiting to whisk them away.

River cruise lines are becoming more and more popular. This is because the main attraction they offer is the land that surrounds the river—rather than the vessel itself. River cruise travelers spend their days exploring different cities and taking in one of a kind views. They also experience the intimacy of a smaller ship on calmer waterways.

Best River Cruise Lines
If this has got you thinking about taking a river cruise, we’ve got your 2020 line up right here. Keep reading to discover the best river line cruises out there.

2020’s Best River Cruise Lines

Why take a river cruise?

River cruises allow you to explore the more intimate parts of the world. Just imagine all the rivers in the world, ranging from elegant to exotic—not to mention all the stops along the way.

Just think, you could take a cruise around South America—or you could take one that goes straight through the Amazon River. The point is, you can explore the unknown in a much more luxurious fashion. River cruises are especially a great alternative for those who don’t like to drive or hike long distances to visit ancient cities or experience unique cuisine.

Overall, river cruises allow you to reach multiple destinations in a short amount of time. We’d also like to point out that most river cruise lines are all-inclusive (wink, wink). 

Now without further ado—and in no particular order—here is our list of the best cruise lines to choose from:

1. Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways offers cruise ships in Europe that allow passengers to customize the details of their trip. They also offer some of the largest and most luxurious rooms on their fleet.

Onboard you’ll find a self-service bar, a sky deck with a whirlpool, a fitness center, free WiFi, and much more.

2. Emerald Waterways

Emerald Waterways has a fleet of custom-built ships that are more spacious by room than any other river cruise liner. These beautiful ships include a heated pool, a sundeck, a nightly cinema, beer, wine, fine dining and more.

They also host 8-17 day itineraries for passengers that are jam-packed with activities.

Riviera River Cruises

Based in the UK, the Riviera River Cruises keep the economic traveler in mind. They offer optional fares with meal and excursion inclusivity, and they cover up to 13 itineraries all over Europe.

Riviera is renowned for its award-winning service and five-star experience. They offer luxury, amenities, and an incredible experience—all at affordable prices.

3. Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises ventures through Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, and Egypt. This award-winning cruise line offers all-inclusive features such as outside staterooms, WiFi, meals, and plenty of in-depth itineraries. Their signature Cultural Curriculum program makes time for excursions at every port.

Viking has also announced its four new ships customized for river cruises in Paris. Ooh, la la!

4. Crystal River Cruises

You’ll experience pure luxury and joy on the Crystal River cruises. Each ship has prompt butler services, 24/7 made-to-order dining, spacious suites, and indoor pools. They even offer shore-excursion concierge service.

Some amenities come as a la carte, but it’s worth the extra money once you see the signature events. Luckily, their all-inclusive fairs include premium liquors, beer, and wine.

5. Ama Waterways

Picture this: French balconies and stunning views of passing cities and scenery. Complimentary shore excursions in Europe, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Included excursions in the fares throughout Africa. Complimentary liquors, wines, and beer with each included meal—plus a cocktail hour.

Ama Waterways even provide complimentary bikes and helmets for land excursions for all its guests. Did we mention that there are no more than 163 guests on each cruise? It’s the perfect choice for a more intimate affair.

6. Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

Uniworld offers a luxury boutique experience to its guests. With an average—and minimal—capacity of 130 guests per cruise, Uniworld tailors your experience with a perfect staff-to-guest-ratio.

Uniworld explores Europe, Russia, and Asia, providing gourmet cuisine that reflects the country you’re visiting. Each ship is unique and decorated with exclusive artwork, and there are plenty of exciting excursions and all-inclusive amenities.

7. AmaMagna River Ship

If you’re the active cruiser, you’ll love the AmaMagna River Ship cruises. Their newest ships have full-sized fitness rooms, but they equip every ship with onboard health and wellness coaches.

Not only are their fares all-inclusive with multiple-course meals and booze, but they have several types of fitness classes. You can take part in core yoga or champagne yoga—whatever floats your boat!

New activities are always being added, and these activities include immersion excursions.

8. Vantage Deluxe World Travel River Cruises

Vantage Deluxe has state-of-the-art vessels and amenities that range from free WiFi and French balconies to sunrise yoga. Their all-inclusive packages don’t just stop at delicious meals and alcohol. They also include excursions, cooking classes, entertainment, and much more.

Vantage Deluxe also caters to the solo travel, with their exceptional single-cabin rooms and solo-connections mixers. Best of all, there are no singles supplement charges.

9. Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

River cruise lines truly offer an unforgettable and romantic experience fit for every kind of traveler. If you haven’t thought about taking a river cruise before, you should add it to your bucket list.

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