Rock Climbing in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico


a kid and a man rock climbing in san cristobal de las casas

Today we’re going to be talking about rock climbing in San Cristobal de la Casas in Mexico.

Here’s the thing, guys, we mainly travel as a family wherever there is going to be rock climbing. I am outnumbered in my family by three to one. So I am totally cool with going wherever there is a perfect rock climbing outdoors or even some gyms. Usually, we go where there’s good rock climbing. San Cristobal de las Casas is actually known for really good rock climbing.

Rock Climbing in San Cristobal

There is one particular group, it’s actually a couple that runs this company. It’s called Vertigo Climbing. And they take you to the rock, and they also have a small gym, and they are really hands-on.

Martin and Sofia. And Martin actually developed the majority of the rock climbing routes throughout St. Cristobal. And he really knows his stuff. He’s a really strong climber. And so is Sophia. She’s also a super strong climber. They’re excellent belayers. I really recommend getting in touch with them. They have all the equipment you need.

climbing in san cristobal mexico


The three main places that people climb in San Cristobal is Arcotete, I have an entire podcast episode about Arcotete, which is where they also have the caves. It’s a really cool eco-park. I definitely recommend going there even if you don’t climb, because the cave is super fun.

But when we were there, we saw rock climbers too. So that is a really cool space. And it goes over this ravine, so it makes it that much more interesting.

Castillo Dragon

There’s also bouldering. The bouldering is in Castillo Dragon, which literally means Dragon Castle.

Vertigo climbing, they have crash pads that they could either rent for you or when you go with them, they obviously bring it with you.

getting ready to climb rocks in san cristobal mexico

Tena Maria

The other really popular place is Tena Maria. Again, a lot of these places, if you have your own equipment, if you really know how to get around, if you are capable, you could go on your own completely. We wanted to hire these local guides, it’s kind of like hanging out with the community. You start to get into the community.

And because of that, we had this really great domino’s effect when we went to Oaxaca. Make sure you listen to my podcast about rock climbing in Oaxaca. But because of that my husband and my son met other climbers because they were introduced by Martin because he is excellent friends with some of them there. They were able to go and climb in Oaxaca with that.

Vertigo Climbing Gym

Also, Martin and Sophia, for vertical climbing, opened up a brand-new gym, so we were invited to the inauguration as well. They have a really great rock climbing gym in Tuxtla. Tuxtla is about an hour and a half from San Cristobal, which also has amazing rock climbing. And they also have a tiny little gym in San Cristobal de las Casas as well, which my husband and son also went to and trained as well one time when we couldn’t go to the actual rock.

kid climbing on a board in vertigo climbing gym san cristobal mexico


If you guys want to really rock climb, definitely give yourself several days to enjoy the different locations. And I know by the sounds of my husband and son, there are a lot of projects to do. So I know for rock climbers, they could continue going back to the same spot at least three or four or ten times and not be done with the place. So leave yourself some time because San Cristobal de las Casas is definitely known for its rock climbing and that’s what I recommend you guys check out.

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023

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