Mexican Food the Rocco Taco Style – Romantic ‘Night’ Out

Eating out with our kids is one of those things that looks great on paper, but in reality, isn’t all that much fun. If you want to sit back and enjoy a drink and savor the meal, it’s best not to do it with a two-year-old that doesn’t eat anything and an eight year old that is bored and restless within seconds. So what’s the solution? Date Night! And we chose a restaurant in South Florida. And take a look at our Rocco Taco Review in Florida!

rocco taco restaurant in florida

As a continuation for our romantic ‘night’ out (technically it’s afternoon since I don’t trust anyone to put my baby to bed) we picked Rocco’s Tacos on Clematis Street in West Palm beach to be the hot spot for us.

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roco taco restaurant in florida

Rocco Taco Review

I absolutely love sitting outside on a popular street watching people and action pass right by me. I can do this for hours on end. Luckily, when we arrived, there was a great spot for us. And with a pitcher of White Wine Sangria, I sat back and enjoyed my husband and the afternoon.

eating at rocco taco in south florida

We started our meal, after checking out Rocco’s Tacos menu, with their classic Guacamole dish. I think it’s the most common thing to start with since they have a station just for it and the waiter said it as though it was a must. And I’m not one to say no to good Guac, so we started the meal out right.

 guacamole from roco taco

Next my hubby asked for the ceviche special – he’s a huge ceviche fan. And he loved it!

rocco taco ceviche

And of course I had to have the special Rocco’s Tacos. I always love to taste what the restaurant’s signature dishes are, and I wasn’t disappointed with the choice. You can pick either chicken, veggies, beef, or shrimp. I got the shrimp order and it was great!

rocco taco shrimp tacos dish

When the waiter came around to see if we wanted anything else, we were so stuffed from all the food that we had to pass. Even on coffee / tea. Needless to say, the platters are large and super affordable.

My Take On Rocco Taco:

This was a great way to spend some ‘couple time’ together. Even though I find Valentines Day to be a bit cheesy (do you really need to be dictated when to have romantic time together) this would be the perfect spot for a fun, tasty date with your honey- anytime of the year!


We arrived relatively early and got our spot outside. The restaurant inside, which is quite large, was still partially filled.

rocco's tacos in south florida

By the time we were ready to leave, a couple of hours later, the place was so full there was literally a line outside waiting to get in. My advice, make a reservation! The people who reserved were walked right in.

Important Information for Rocco’s Tacos Restaurant:

Rocco’s Tacos – West Palm Beach
Address: 224 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach
Phone: 561-659-1940
Cost: (10-30) $$

NOTE: They have five locations in Florida, pick the one you are closest to and enjoy!

Restaurant in South Florida – Rocco Tacos

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

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