Roasting Marshmallows Over Lava: Pacaya Volcano Hike in Guatemala

pacaya volcano hike with kids

Few places in the world truly leave you speechless and is hard not to find a volcano in Guatemala. So, Pacaya Volcano is definitely one of those places.

And nothing beats sharing a Volcano Hike with your kids and friends.

kids ready to hike pacaya volcano in guatemala

Pacaya Volcano is located about one hour from Antigua, Guatemala and/or Guatemala City, depending on where you’re coming from.

pacaya volcano welcome sign

Pacaya Volcano Regulations and Volcano Hike

To get here is quite simple. Since recently there have been new regulations, and you need to hire a guide to go with you to the top.

This is mainly for safety purposes and also to ensure that the locals are working.

A guide will normally run you 200q ($28) for up to ten people. You really can’t go wrong with this rate.

And some of the guide speak English.

people hiking to pacaya volcano

You can also rent a horse or mule depending on what is available to help you go to the top and back.

It’s a flat fee of 200q ($28) for the round trip tour. And the guide of the horse (not to be mistaken with the tour guide) is usually incredibly helpful, will help carry your stuff and so much more.

some people and kids near lava trails from pacaya volcano

If you’ve been following my site for any period of time, you will know that to me, traveling to any location either fifteen minutes from home or a fifteen-hour flight is all about bonding and connecting with your family.

Making memories for lifetimes.

And that is a guarantee when visiting Pacaya.

a woman two kids and a horse in pacaya volcano

Roasting Marshmallows Over Lava in pacaya Volcano

Can you imagine your kids roasting marshmallows off of molten lava rocks?

Does it get any better than this???

kids roasting marshmallows over lava in pacaya volcano

And doing it with friends and family.

a group of people at pacaya volcano in guatemala

How can you pass up on a mama – son moment in this unique spot?

a woman and kid hugging in a lava trail at pacaya volcano

If you’re in the mood to buy some lava rock jewelry and other souvenirs, there is a tiny shop once you arrive to the sea of lava area.

But no bathroom!

lava store at pacaya volcano

Sea of Lava

people climbing pacaya volcano


two kids standing on a lava trail

If you’re visiting Antigua, Guatemala, or Guatemala City – make this a must-do on your list. It’s super easy to get to. The whole tour there, lunch and back are about 5 hours.

But the memory of it will last forever and ever.

Last Updated on June 16, 2024

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