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Car Maintenance Tasks You Should Do Before a Road Trip

If you’re someone who loves taking road trips, you know how important it is to ensure that the vehicle you’re driving is safe and will run properly for you throughout the duration of your trip. To increase the chances of both of these things taking place, it’s wise to get some specific car maintenance tasks done before you take off on any road trip.

To show you exactly which parts of your car you should focus on, here are three car maintenance tasks you should do before every road trip you take. 

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3 Road Trip Tips - Car Maintenance Tasks You Should Do Before Leaving

3 Road Trip Tips for Car Maintenance

Look At All Your Fluid Levels

One of the first and most common things that people check before embarking on a road trip are the fluid levels in their car. Because there are so many parts of your car the need the proper levels of fluids, it’s vital that you check them all to ensure that everything will be running smoothly for you.

According to, you’ll want to check your oil, brake fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. In addition to these fluids, you should also check your transmission and its fluid level to ensure that you’re not in need of a new transmission. If any of these fluid levels aren’t where they should be, make sure you get this taken care of before you leave on your road trip. While it’s easy enough to add some of the right fluid to the right reservoir, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s best to leave this maintenance to a professional. 

Check Your Tires

Another pivotal part of your car that you’ll need to check on before you leave for a road trip are your tires. If something’s wrong with any of your tires, you could wind up having some major issues during your trip.

When checking your tires, Alex Leanse, a contributor to Popular Mechanics, shares that you need to ensure that each tire is properly inflated and that there’s no abnormal wear and tear. If you do notice something that looks amiss, it may be a good idea to replace your tires before your trip so you don’t have to worry about something scary happening with your tires while you’re road tripping. 

Restock Your Emergency Kit

While not a traditional maintenance task, to keep yourself as safe as possible regardless of what happens while you’re on your road trip, Rudie Obias, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, recommends that you always restock your emergency kit before each road trip you take. 

Ideally, your emergency kit should include things like a flashlight, first aid kit, water and snacks, jumper cables, a small blanket and more. If you’re missing any of these items or have used them during your last road trip, make sure you add them to your car before packing anything else. 

If you take frequent road trips, make sure you take care of all the items mentioned above before you take your car on the road. 

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  1. My sister and I would like to go on a fun road trip this year, which is why we have decided to start looking for a fuel station where we can have our vehicle gas up. Well, thank you for sharing here as well the importance of hiring a mechanic taht will be able to check the vehicle’s tires current condition. We’ll also keep in mind to prepare a first aid kit, flashlight, water, and snacks.

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